Any Bengals football fans out there?


Has there ever been an african american kicker or punter in the NFL?

yes, but we are vastly outnumbered

gotta love andy up there, trying to mock bengals fans with the the SAINTS battle cry

andy, well yes, Who Dey is, Who Dat is not, there is a big difference and I expect a division rival to know it, especially if they are going to quote it, you're just too unintelligent to be a good troll but keep on repeating what they tell you to think

Where will keyshawn johnson land now that he was released from panthers? Eagles maybe?


Why is notre dame so over rated?

NO! THEY SUCK!!!!!!!!

Do think anyone from BSU is going to be draft into the NFL?

nope not me sorry... exact opposite of a bungals fan... a steelers fan!! woahhh! HERE WE GO STEELERS HERE WE GO!

In the former XFL where were the "Hit Men" from?

No, I dont think so.

How many suber bowls have been played?


sorry thetyran i screwed up your queer little chant
who dey? We dey! if you say the who dey song chant thing isnt from the Bengals you are not a Bengals fan

Who do you think will make it to the super bowl this year?

Cincinnati is right behind the Browns for me.

What do the stars on US college football helmets mean. Some helmets have lots of stars other only have a few.?


Anybody know any nfl football players from Holy Trinity?


MAX bench-225 Squat-315 are these good #'s?

I used to like the Bengals.before many of them started going to jail. Can't like criminals. Carson Palmer is great, and CJ is entertaining, at least...

How much $ would the first pick in the nfl draft make?

nobody that will admit it openly.

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