Al gore played football in highschool, what position did he play> he also played basketball..was he any good?

just wondering...


Who will be 1st all around draft pick in the2007 draft?

I'm not sure but I do know for a fact that Al Gore invented football and basketball. Yes, and he invented high school as well. As a matter of fact if is wasn't for Al Gore we wouldn't be communicating on the Internet. What a guy!

Is Michigan going to be a great football team next year?

Gore attended St. Albans, a private prep school in Washington, D.C., where he played football and basketball and was a leader on the debate team.
Gore's career as an athlete ended after his first year in college. He made the freshman basketball team at Harvard, but he sat at the end of the bench and got into games only when they became blowouts.

How much do Atlanta Falcons single game tickets cost?

He rode the pine!

Best NFL Defense?

As with all politicians, the only thing Al Gore is good at is lying.

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