A question to Americans.Would you like to see more countries playing football?

Question:Or do you prefer it to stay majority America?
What if another country started to compete at the same level?


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well NFL europe has been around for a while and it doesnt get the same attenton or fan base as the NFL does in the US...

i attended an NFL europe game in Amsterdam last march and i swear i thought i was a soccer game...i didnt like it at all

to answer your question of "what if another country started to competeat the same level" not really...then there would be riots at games if the home team lost, death threats to coaches, players abducted for poor play...at least in america we can take or sports seriously but get over a loss the next day. (well maybe the next season but we still dont riot and ruin our cities)

most recently a cricket coach was killed after his team lost in a match they should have won...WTF is that?!?!?!?!? Euro soccer fans riot when their teams lose...who are these people??

it kinda makes me laugh how the rest of the world criticizes the US...but when was the last time you saw this type of behavior at a US sporting event? yeah you get the occasional street rioting and over turned car when a University wins a big game. but these are the actions of immature adolescents. not grown adults parading the streets throwing rocks... when was the last time the city of the losing Super Bowl team put a death threat out on its players and coaches?? in fact they do the opposite and hold a parade in celebration that their team even got that far...

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America has FootBall !!

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I really don't care. I'm happy w/ it just being here, b/c it makes it more local.

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I would like to see more countries play football but I think they can't handle it so they can keep their rugby and soccer!

What do u think about Ohio States football team next year?

Oh, Yeah, just as much as I want to see professional rugby and polo here in the US... LOL NO WAY! Football is the REAL American past time.

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As long as they want to I think it would be great. I would love to see a global league. NFL Europe is okay, but it needs to grow. The next country that it should be given a shot at is Australia. Inasmuch, I would like to see soccer become as highly regarded here in the States as it is elsewhere.

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it doesn't really matter to me. i see how crazy those people in other countries get about soccer. i doubt if they would accept football like that. even so.i wouldn't want it to get that crazy! so i guess i prefer it to just be here.

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Well, it wouldnt really matter. Do you mean play each other or starting their own league? Ithink it would take a while for them to get some respect from us.

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i would, so that maybe one day it could be an olympic sport.

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NFL Europe has been around for over 15 years and I don't believe it's made much of an impact.

Even if the game did take off internationally, with the infrastructure and history here, I think the NFL here would still be the premier league.

Case in point - baseball. That game is much more popular in Latin America and parts of Asia than it is here, but all the best players come here.

Does anybody watch Monday night Football?

The more the merrier! Sure...bring it on!

Outside of Texas... which state has the best high school football?

I would love to see it, so I can watch our football athletes dominate the world in the olympics.

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I would prefer for the NFL to remain in the U.S. and continue to play amongst themselves. If other countries or continents started their own leagues that would be cool so we could have a world wide playoff. I question whether or not that would happen though. I have watched several NFL Europe games and even though they try to cover it up, it is obvious the stadiums are not close to being full. I believe the NFL pays for a lot of the expenses because it is far from being profitable.

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Doesnt really matter to me. My favorite team is always going to be my favorite team and thats not going to change.

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Wouldn't really matter. Let Europe stick with their soccer AS far as competition on the same level..it would take other countries many years (10 or more) to even approach NFL level.

Does anyone else think that the people who bost about their "Talent and SPeed" are annoying?

No! they will get hurt badly and massively plus the rest of the world is starting to hate us more immensly as the years past. NO countries will come close to NFL level with an exception of England, Germany or maybe even Russia. Outside of that keep to soccer or rugby because absoluletly no country in the world would'nt even compete well in the combines much less in the "LEAGUE".
May need to do it like the NBA if you think you can hang, try out or better yet make yourself notice & let the NFL come find you.
People from other rugby oriented countries say that they play football without pads. My personal opinion let the rugby players put on pads & try to take some hits from those college boys from all 3 divisions.
I'll end it with this there is something about a player weighing between 250-300 lbs running a 4.5-4.7 in the 40 yd dash with a minimum body fat compared to their height. Because that tells you that "YOU" have less than 4 seconds to make 40 yds before all hell breaks loose and you start losing the ability to walk appropiately enough said.

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NO, i want Football to stay in America, its an american thing, i don't want other countries copying

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that ll be cool, and than we can see it in the Olympics

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I don't think their are any other countries that could play NFL football. Sure their are some fakes but not real NFL football

Anyone know video clips on Todd Lowber, the Vikes' new WR?

Would love to see it expand, more competition the better!

I was an average player in High School but when I was stationed in Germany at team in Nurenburg offered to pay me to play. Thought that was pretty cool , the level of playing was low (due to inexperience)

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I think it would be great if other countries took it as seriously as America does. Since that won't happen though, I think it should just stay here. All of our best athletes go into football here because that is where the money is at. The rest of the world puts theirs into soccer because that is where the money is at in the other countries. I am not saying that the world wouldn't provide good players, it is just that like basketball it would have to find a reason to develope them.

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