Who would win ’72 Dolphins ‘85 Bears?


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1985 Bears, and its not close. The 72 Fins went undefeated alright, playing only one team with a winning record all year...If you noticed, the Bears played the defending SB champs AND the SB champs from the next year in consecutive weeks, and shut them both out. There is simply no comparing defenses, the 85 Bears fielded the best single season defense in the entire history of the league. At QB, Bob Griese was good, but, in 85, Jim McMahon was elite too, and he beat two Hall of Fame QBs two straight weeks in the playoffs. At running back, you probably would have the best comparison...Mercury Morris and Larry Csonka were awesome...but...the 85 Bears had Walter Payton. Morris and Csonka combined aren't Sweetness. At WR, the Bears had Willie Gault, one of the fastest men the NFL has ever seen...Anyone who watched the Jeep Superstars challenges can tell you Gault could flat out fly. Then, there is the advancement in schemes...Assuming that the coaches are the same too, how in the world do you expect the 1972 Dolphins offensive coordinator to have ANY answer to Buddy Ryan's 46 Defense? Nobody in 1972 would have seen anything like it, ever. Bears would dominate the Dolphins from start to finish. Finally...given the size of defensive players in the early 70s, who do the Dolphins have that could hope to tackle William the Refrigerator Perry, when Ditka puts him in at Fullback? A defensive line consisting of a bunch of guys that weigh 260 is NO match for the Fridge.

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Tough question..Two GREAT teams..I think the Bears with the defense they had, hard to beat.

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Bear down Chicago Brears!

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Good Question.

I would have to go with the 1985 Bears. They were a killer team and didn't let up many points. I believe they had a couple of shutouts and not to many points scored on them durning the playoffs in thier Super Bowl Run. I'm pretty sure out of all of the Super Bowl Winning teams the 1985 Bears allowed the fewest points in the playoffs the year tha they won. That was one hell of a team.

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72 Dolphins, they were the more well rounded team. not as good a D as 85 Bears but they were good enough to shut down everyone that year and they would do the same to the bears. oh yeah, did I mention that I'm a Dolphins fan.

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im a really big bears fan but i think the dolphins were unbeatable against everyone even the 85'ers

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wow i would love to see this game. it's an extremely tough decesion to make. i would say the '72 dolphins just because of the wins. that is if you mean the 72-73 dolphins that went undefeated not the 71-72 dolphins that lost in the Superbowl.
now i put both teams against each other with computer players on madden and it agreed with me 72 fins beat the 85 bears but 15 points. personally i would have thought it would be closer.also because the 85 bears beat my patriots, even though i'm only 15, that makes me say fins. also fins are number two on my list of teams.

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I'm going with the 72 Dolphins.
-even though you're a bears fan and will hand out the points accordingly-

there are many different reasons i think this, but all in all, it could just be toss up.

I'll bet it'd be one of the most watched football games ever though.

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Da Bears, because there was a great increase in talent over that time period.

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The bears would school the dolphins

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72 Dolphins !

Pats were on drive away from super bowl last year with Caldwell and Gaffney. Imagine how far they can get now!

The 85 Bears. The dolphins had a lot of close calls that year and barely got by several opponents. Except for the loss to the Dolphins, the 85 Bears dominated every opponent, including NE in the Super Bowl.

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I would have to go with the 85 Bears hands down. True both of the teams had great defenses but who would cover Willie Gault on Miami's no name defense.

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Well I would have to say the '72 Dolphins. Look at history. Miami Dolphins undefeated in '72. Chicago Bears, 1 loss in '85. That was against the Miami Dolphins. '06 Bears, undefeated until playing the Dolphins. I am not saying that '72 Dolphins were a better team, I'm just saying that Miami has Chicago's #.

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Bears in a bigger margin than most would think.

'85 Bears 34 - '72 Dolphins 17

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I usually pass up questions like this one; BUT…
After looking up; refreshing my memory and comparing both team rosters, so as not to slight any of the other great players on both sides of the ball on both teams, I’ll opt out of naming anyone except the few players that I believe would have had the most impact on deciding the outcome of the game.
I am a fan of the power running game.
I believe that after the slash and dash of Walter Payton with the Bears and Mercury Morris of the Dolphins; ultimately, I believe the game would have been decided by the power running of Larry Csonka.
Both teams were well rounded in every aspect of the game; however, I am not a believer that defense wins games.
If the Dolphins have the lead in the 4th quarter, Larry Csonka would take them home.
If the Bears had the lead in the 4th quarter eventually their offense would be stopped by Nick Buonticonti et al shutting down the running game and Tim Foley and Henry Stuckey would shut down McHahon and the Bears passing game; and he had a bunch of receivers, including the RBs but the Dolphin D would have given the Dolphins O one more shot at scoring and winning and the Dolphin O would get the better of the Bears D.
Again, Larry Csonka and a little bit of Griese & Warfield.
They and the rest of the offense would get the score or get Garo Yepremian into position for a game winning field goal.
Maybe, ESPN will do one of those computer simulations to give us all something more to disagree about. :-)
Please, no dis to anyone on either team.
Both rosters just have TOO MANY GREATS to name them all.
Please check out these two websites listed in source(s) or other websites that list the full team roster and you’ll see what I mean.

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85 bears

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