American football?

Question:are there any rules about passing after the scrimmage line?

i'm just recently hooked up on american football. i found out there are no passing after the scrimmage.

so, are there any rules to it. is it like rugby: no front-pass?


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Glad to see another football fan.
There are 2 passes : forward pass and lateral (has to go straight to the side of quaterback (QB) or behind him)

The lateral can be done anywhere on the field. At any time. If you ran 40 yards past line of scrimmage at your teammate was right beside you..or could pass him the ball. As many times as you like.

The forward pass has to be from behind the line of scrimmage. You can only do it once per play. If QB throws past line of scrimmage it is called " Illegal Forward Pass".

Hope that helps...oh yeah ...Cheer Cheer for old Notre Dame!

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After you pass the discrimage line you can't pass backwards, or throw more than once.

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you can pass backward as many times as you want just as long as its is backward. have you not seen The Play with Cal vs Standford.

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No Forward Pass, or forward lateral. There IS a rule against it and I'm not sure what they call it as you don't see the flag thrown very often, but yes they will throw a flag and there is a penalty IF someone does it(Unless the refs let them get away with it like they did with the so called "Music City Miracle" that was CLEARLY a forward lateral.)


yes you are correct. after you pass the line of scrimmage, you can't pass forward. you can pitch it back but no forward pass.

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For High Schools rules vary by state.

That said, however, one can not legally forward pass beyond the line of scrimmage. One can not forward pass twice, even if the first was behind the line of scrimmage.

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