2 Who has caused the greatest change in the game of football?

Hey nfl historians I really need your help with this questions but I had to seperate them so if you could help answer all the questions that would be amazing. Thanks!


Who thinks the ravens will make it far in the playoffs with its new running back??

Lamar Hunt, founder of the AFL. This was the only league that successfully competed with the NFL which finally led to its merger into the NFL. Most of the AFC is the old AFL:

Kansas City Chiefs
Oakland Raiders
Tennesee Titans (former Houston Oilers)
New England Patriots
New York Jets
Denver Broncos
San Diego Chargers
Cincinati Bengals
Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins

Everyone of these teams have won a Super Bowl or been in one as AFL/AFC champion. As a matter of fact, Lamar Hunt gave the Super Bowl its name. He came up with the concept of an AFL/NFL playoff game. Later on he saw his daughter playing with a super ball, and thought of the name "Super Bowl". He also came up with the idea of sharing TV revenues which is one big pillar in the stability of the NFL today. He was the respeceted owner of the Kansas City Chiefs and a member of the NFL hall of fame since 1971.

What college team did Donvan Mcnabb play for?

Abedi Pele of Brazil.
What is the other question?

How well can Justin Forsett play for Cal in 2007?

Pete Rozelle, commissioner from 1960 - 1989. When he took office there were ten teams in the NFL playing a twelve game schedule to frequently half-empty stadiums, and only several teams had television contracts. By the time of Rozelle's resignation, the number of teams had grown to 28, and team owners presided over sizable revenues from U.S. broadcasting networks.

He negotiated the merger between the AFL & NFL, agreed to the Super Bowl and the concept of Monday Night Football.

Who will be the biggest nfl draft bust of 2007?

Lamar Hunt and Bill Walsh...

Would the Dallas Cowboys really use their #1 pick in the NFL Draft on Ted Ginn?

i think its the 85 bears they came up with a new formation that led to new defensive scheems as well

Has anyone in the NFL or NCAA ever intercepted a field goal in football?

Paul Brown was probably the greatest innovator in football. He invented the cup-blocking scheme for pass protection, and was the architect (along with Shaughnessey) of what is now known as the West Coast Offense. Those are the only two things I can think of off the top of my head, but there were many others. Also, he's responsible for the careers of Bill Walsh, Sam Wyche, et al.

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