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Question:Is an amaizing arb at the high school level. He catches well out of the backfeild, has big play capability and can turn it on once he gets in to the secondary. i'd say he is about 5'9 150 ish and is a beast in the wait room. he definatly isn't afraid to get hit either. hes been known to run for people at times. he is only 16 and just today he ran a 4.56 40 with 3 broken ribs.

Do you think this is college level stuff yet or does he need to keep working?? any college will do.hes a BSU fan though.will he get there?


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Only time can tell. Stay focused, add some muscle and speed then there is a decent chance. 2 teenage years is a long time so tell him to try and stay healthy. Tell your friend to keep his eye on the prize. Know what he wants and keep working towards it.

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OMG! that is incredible! I think he can handle college.

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Great high school size and speed-but to play even Division 1-AA he needs to add 35 pounds and get to 4.4 speed.Unfortunatley, guys like him are a dime a dozen.Believe me!

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How did he break the ribs? Is this a continual problem of injuries? He needs to stay focused his height and weight at this time is against him for the big boys but he will probably grow some especially as he continues his work in the weight room. If he is that good the colleges will adjust to his lack of height, they may even have him as a receiver out of the backfield or tightend on passing plays!

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it depends he sounds college level, if he fucks up down the road such as career ending injuries he is not college level, he need to take some rest and heal those broken ribs.

one of my friends he was a football player 4 year varsity starter he is 6-1 220 cornerback and wideout used to rund about 4.50 40 he is about to go to niu on scholarship, at the last game of the season, he took a hit that fucked up his shoulder now he can never play football

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