Anyone know how to find a college football teams' roster from a past season?

I'm trying to find the 1996-97 & 1997-98 team rosters from a particular University but I'm having no luck. I gave the school's website a shot,, and all to no avail! Any suggestions would be ALOT of help!


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If you had given us the specific university, you may have just found an alum or a fan that could have told you off the top of his/her head, or, they could have posted a link that would have directed you straight to it. Nevertheless, you can use your favorite search engine (such as the google already suggested) and type in U of __________ 96-97 football roster. If that doesnt work, then (as someone already mentioned), you could write or email the University. Or, you can even go online and find the archives of the local newspaper of the university's town and and type your search in there.

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If you've already tried the website of the Uni with no luck - try emailing the athletic dept direct and see how you go.

I had a similar problem here with our local pro basketball team - I bought a signed jersey and wanted to know which of them wore that number for the season...the club couldn't help from their records, but one of the players (one of their all time stars no less) got the info for them and passed it to me.

Give it a go...good luck!

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Sure, just try googling, I know it sounds like a lazy response, but you'd be surprised. Try advanced searches of the exact phrase, etc. or try to find one person from that roster (if you have that info) and tunnel through them. Good luck.

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