Any one know of any food stamps or government program to protect my right to go fishin?

these people tryin to tell me i cant go fishin with out my license but i dont think this should happen.


Anyone else think that Pete Rose is an idiot??

I don't know what this has to do with football. However, the cost of the fishing license is usually nominal at most.

How much is a Brett Favre, Pro Set, Atlanta Falcons, 1991, with 2 defects that came with it, card worth?

Well man i dont mean to be mean but normally the questions that fall into the wrong category have a pretty good chance of at least being asnwered by one person but you might need to ask this question again and move it to the right category.

If you could combine (3) College Football teams and make 1 awesome team, what teams would you pick?

First, try putting your question in the right category.
Second, how about taking up noodling?

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