10 Greatest Outside Linebackers?

Question:1.Lawrence Taylor
2.Jack Ham
3.Bobby Bell
4.Ted Hendricks
5.Andy Russell
6.Wilbur Marshall
7.Dave Robinson
8.Derrick Thomas
9.Pat Swilling
10.Andre Tippett

Though I think Taylor played more like a DE than a LB. It almost makes more sense comparing him to Deacon Jones and Bruce Smith than Jack Ham and Bobby Bell. You almost never saw him in man to man coverage like Ham. It was blitz blitz blitz on almost every down

The entire OLB position is more like DE now! Thank Taylor and the defensive scheme of the 80s Giants for that one.


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I tend agree with most everyone you have (with an exception to Wilbur Marshall) he was good but 6th all time? also Ted Hendricks would have to be top 3 for me...

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That's tough to call, because there have been plenty of good OLBs, but that list looks good. Also, I prefer using an OLB as an OLB, not a DE, like we do at my high school, even though I'm a Giants fan.

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I know Lawrence Taylor is #1.

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