Anyone know if the Michael and Marcus Vick are visiting Virginia Tech today?



Who else thinks the university of michigan is kick ***?

Hahaha...thats hilarious..

What u think of lions picking calvin johnson? i thought they have good wr core,?

Don't think either are on campus today.

Football position part:2 PLEASE ANSWER!?

I heard that they were at a Bong Convention with Randy Moss and Rashaan Salaam

Takeo Spikes: Caveat Emptor?


Do you think the patriots got robbed in the playoffs?

I don't like Marcus or Mike, but I don't think it's appropriate to make fun of such a tragic event.

What was the raiders thinking when they traded randy moss?

what the hell?! you really need help, that's not something you should be making fun of

Is a QB controversy a good thing?

Dude this is not the time to crack jokes on professional athletes. 20 people just lost their lives.

Shawn Alexander. what will be the future of the Seahawks?

Well, it is them or some of there boyz!

Heisman trophy winner goes in the 5th round?

It would probably be OK if Michael did, but Marcus doesn't exactly have a stellar reputation

Where did Vince Lombardi get married?

Yeah, I heard a drug deal went bad and they had to take care of business.

When was the last time Tim Tebow?

OK you little prick... this is 32 damn people that are dead. you're not funny.. this question is not funny.. and the pricks that answered it trying to be funny are not funny

it's not funny at all and i hope that you just spontaneously combust into flames.. you're an idiot and a fool... hands down..

go die like the shooter did.. kill yourselves.

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