1st round predictions?

Question:Ok dont get in specifics but any 8 teams and what they need to get now. with a brief explanation. like this

Colts - RB - face it tell me they need any other position
Bears - LB - Bye Bye Briggs
Lions - DL - They have 4 decent qbs a good core of wr and should be good but have no running game but there defense cant stop any othe offense
redskins - LB / S - They have had a lot of losses in these positions in the last few years (Archuletta Arrington and the list goes on)
Rams - WR - Lets face it holt and bruce are older and aint gonna play forever
Carolina - OL - above avg def, and an offense that would be great if the qb could get time
Jets - WR - I dont even know what there recieving core looks like any more the many face lifts it has had
Tampa bay - QB - Ok an offense that should be potent at best and with a good leader they should be in the leagues top ten offenses

now u try it.


Who is better the Buccaneers or Panthers?

Here is the way I see the first eight picks in the 2007 NFL Draft playing out - hope this helps!
1. Oakland Raiders: JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU -- Russell and Calvin Johnson are the two most gifted prospects in this draft and appear to be the finalists for this selection. Probably the Raiders will decide that a great quarterback is more valuable, in the end, than a great wide receiver. That's why I think that Oakland will eventually decide on Russell.
2. Detroit Lions: Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson -- Brady Quinn, Calvin Johnson and Joe Thomas all deserve consideration, but the Lions need defensive help more than anything else. Although they might trade down, they still will probably try to get Adams with a lower selection. If they are unable to find a deal, they will probably just take Adams #2 overall.
3. Cleveland Browns: Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame -- Although the Browns' General Manager (Phil Savage) and Coach (Romeo Crennel) favor offensive tackle Joe Thomas or running back Adrian Peterson, it has become clear that the Owner (Randy Lerner) wants a quarterback. I'll have to bet that the guy in charge gets his way.
4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech -- The Bucs' will ecstatic to get Johnson here. They need a WR badly to help QB Chris Simms or Jeff Garcia. They don't have many reliable options at that position right now.
5. Arizona Cardinals: Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin -- The Cardinals' new coach (Ken Whisenhunt) will want to improve his line, because they have already lost starting left tackle Leonard Davis as a free agent. The Cardinals would be fortunate to have Thomas available at this spot. If he is not and Adrian Peterson is, watch out for the Cardinals to pull the first surprise of the draft and grab the draft's first RB.
6. Washington Redskins: Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville -- This is the Redskins' only pick until the fifth round, so I expect that they will focus on their weak defensive line. They probably would like to get Adams, but may have to choose between Okoye and Alan Branch. However, I really expect the Redskins to trade this pick. They've set up private workouts with many of the top prospects (including JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, Gaines Adams, Adrian Peterson and Ted Ginn, Jr.). Why? Not because they will draft a QB, RB or even a WR with this pick. They just want to make a deal with teams looking to trade up.
7. Minnesota Vikings: Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma -- The Vikings scored only 25 offensive touchdowns last season. Only four teams scored fewer. Chester Taylor is a decent runner, but if the Coach (Brad Childress) is to keep his job, he'll need the Vikings to score some TDs in 2007. Peterson, if available here, would improve the offense more than any other prospect available.
8. Atlanta Falcons: LaRon Landry, FS, LSU -- Starting safeties Chris Crocker and Lawyer Milloy were adequate against the run, but they got beat deep frequently. If Landry ris available, the Falcons would have to consider him. He is a four-time All-SEC honoree and looks like the best defensive back in this draft.

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Redskins just got two corner backs one being Fred Smoot . So they have moved other corner backs to the S position. As for linebackers they just got Fletcher from Buffalo. They have two other good linebackers and some devoloping LB's on their team. They will get something on the defensive line. I look at Redskins.com often. I dont agree with alot of the stuff up there, but we will see.

Should he enter the nfl draft?

the ravens will need a OL OR A QB

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