Where did the Chicago Cardinals team play when they were in Chicago?


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mrs brown's cow pasture. then it all burned down...

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"Before 1920: The Cardinals roots actually stretch back to 1898 when a neighborhood group that gathered to play football in a predominantly Irish area of Chicago's South Side"

"Stadiums: (4)
Normal Field 1920-1921
Comiskey Park 1922-1925
Normal Field 1926-1928
Comiskey Park 1929-1959"

They were the "Chicago Cardinals" From 1920-1959.

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Commiskey stadium

Name that team.?

The Cardinals primarily played at Comiskey Park, while the Bears played at Wrigley Field (until they moved to Soldier Field in the early 70's). Comiskey's massive center field allowed the whole football field to be on the field, yet the corner of the end zone at Wrigley was in the dugout.

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