All footbal players?

Question:what work out plan should i go on to become in shape
i weight 250 ( mostly fat)
I want make varsity
can u help


Do you agree?

Talk to your coach. He'll get you started on the right track.

Most likely he'll already have something ready for you to get started. From weight training to running to proper dieting... he'll have it all ready for you.

It's better to divide your workouts up... running in the morning and weight training in the afternoon or switch it up. The point it to never get into a routine when working out, keep your body guessing... this will keep your metabolism high and your ability to gain strength and speed higher. A morning workout with increase your metabolism and an afternoon workout will keep it up... get 8 hours of sleep to rebuild your muscles.

Your coach will teach you proper weight training techniques with squats, bench, and hang cleans, etc. proper weight training will help increase your gains.

Your coach will have an idea about a diet plan, but just eat healthy and you'll be alright.

Your coach will help you with running techniques as well, they say you can't teach speed, but you can. For football, you shouldn't ever have to sprint more than 600 yards at once, no fewer than 10 yds. Most sprints are done around 40 - 60 yards... but mix it up to get better results.

If you want to make varsity, you'll have demonstrate leadership as well. Watch film and learn about the game more. Also, never go more than 10 days without working out... everything you gained(speed, strength, etc.) can be lost in 2 weeks.

Good Luck! and give it 100% all the time.

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dawg, ask ur coach. i dont know why people come here asking for workout plans. squats, bench press, run thats all u gotta do.

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you sound like a linemen.

ask the coach for advice. that's what i did before trying out for my highschool football team. he will give you the greatest advice.

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If you have the time, ride a bike for at least 1 hour twice a day. Best results are one morning ride and one afternoon ride. While this will give you exercise, it will also build leg strength and stamina to help you play football. Make sure you peddle hard all the way and not just cruise.

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Ok now your in the same possition i what ya do instead of going home at night after school is...You go to the Weight room afterwords...if its not open for some odd reason...well you get running. knowone will stop you from that. well then ur prolly like me and hate running. ok so anyways...

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Running. Lots and lots of running. Not just long distances though. Do sprints like 40 yd dashes and 100 yd sprints. They'll get you in better football shape than running miles will. Also you'll need to eat right. And of course you'll need to lift weights too. But how in shape you get determines how badly you wana make the team. But if your team has summer workouts I'd suggest goin to them. G'Luck!

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Go for Guard Center or tackle go to Curves o wait dont go there go to the y and lift run about a 5 miles a day dont do it constant but im a kid what do i know.

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