A madden NFL 2005 question?

For madden NFL 2005 (preferebly on PC), is there Champ Bailey and John Lynch in the Denver Broncos? What about Jake Plummer?


Football cleats? Low cut or Mid? What is the best cleat?

yeah all 3 of them should be there

Champ and John were on the team since 2004 and Jake became a Bronco in 2003


Any of you play 7 on 7 flag football, whats a good zone to run cover 3, or mostley man?

I think they are all on the game. Champ Bailey might be with the Redskins if hisnot on the Broncos and Lynch might be on the Bucs if his not on the Broncos. I think Plummer is already on the Broncos.

Should the nfl have a powerful players union like baseball's union?

lynch is Bailey is and so is plumer

What did you think of the Bills draft this year (2007)?

Ya, they are all there.

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