Anyone going to take the browns to the superbowl?

and will they get flushed by the jets?


Is Peyton Manning married?

I did about a half an hour ago...don't worry I flushed and washed my hands...

49ers Fans!?

browns suck. the jets will kill them. why do you think there called the browns? because there crap

How many wins will the 49ers have this year?

There aren't enough drugs in the world that would me take that bet.

Which team had best defense in superbowl history?

Only if someone gives me 5000:1 odds


no one, not even their fans or owner.i bet u that if clevelands plays a highschool team, they would lose, they should have those kind of games where pros play highschool football teams, that way, with the presure they might improve, it is amazing how the BROWNS just like the Lions, Raiders and others i cant recall, have been really bad teams.

Is Terrell Owens a Hall Of Famer?

dude ur an idiot the browns suck

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