What position should I play(Football)?

I am 14 I ran a 4.89 in the 40 last year i had a vertical leap of 27 inches standing long jump is 7'7''i ran the agility in 4.3(All last year) iam 137 pounds and 5'8''. i played DB and PR 2 years ago and WR-DB-PR last year.


What is a "Hokie"?

Ask your coach.

Okay my friends, Ditka vs. 73 Dolphins?

You should be a punt returner.

Anyone else here a fan of the SMU mustangs football team?If so how do you see them doing next year?

Play wide reciever

What is your general attitude concerning the imagine of the NFL these days?

Considering your size and speed, I believe you should only be playing special teams and wide reciever. Your not exactly tall enough yet to be playing DB. Mostly I would suggest playing kickoff return and punt return. Good luck!

Which Patriots' acquisition will end up having the biggest impact?

ur light and fairly tall for ur age, id go with WR

How do u feel about michael vick and this dog fighting incident?

In the olden days, players played 2 or more positions. Quarterbacks often also played safeties. There is no reason why you need to play just one position. I would say you could PR, third WR and safety in the same game.

How many kids would I have to have to make a football team?

play basketball

How do you like to watch football matches? ... (please be original)?


Eagle fans please (RB's)?

If you have good running skills, then runningback. If you have very good catching skills, then wide receiver. If you have none of those, then punt returner. You cannot be a defensive back if you are really, and I mean really, have good covering skills then you could be one.

Currently, what are the top three most american sports.?

wide reciever...

What do you think of my mock draft?

You should be a wide receiver. But with the type of speed that you have i recommend being on the side that the QB will be facing most often. For example if hes a right handed QB u want to be on the right side of him. Therefore he will be looking at you the most.

How can I prove an autographed football card is real?

nothing. quit do whatever you want just you and these others stop asking itr gets annoying.

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