40 yard dash?

Question:i run around a 5.3 as an 8th grader
im a qb and the only thing holding me back my coaches say from bein a blue chip is speed and mobility
please give me tips and ill get u tickets to ohio state university when i play for em


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start lifting weights to put on muscle, do a lot of sprinting long distance and short to improve your speed and other things like that to get your legs movin faster

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if you want to play at ohio state mobility isnt so much an issue. If you can get your 40 down to about a 5.0 youll be fine. If you want to play division 1-AA or go to a school with the option offense (like navy), mobility is a necessity. Your too young to be worrying about college.

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trust me, a 5.3 is very good at age 13?
eighth grade, your either 12 or 13 right?
and plus, worrying about college football should not even be a concern for you right now because you are not even a freshman.
who knows how many injuries you are going to sustain playing varsity, and even if you get recruited. if your high school is not marquee, you might end up going to div II or div III

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One thing that will help you gain speed and mobility are plyometric drills and agility drills. Both of which, you should do limited amounts of right now. The reason being is that plyometrics put a lot of stress on joints. At your age, you muscles my be a little stronger than the bone at the point where the two meet. Too much plyo's could cause your muscle to pull away from the bone. Right now the best thing you can do is enjoy what you are doing and learn as much as you can about the sport. Peyton Manning has said it best. With as much success as he has in the NFL, he is still a student of the game.

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lol u have confidence dont u? do squats and leg press and stuff like that it'll make u faster good luck gettin to OSU i'll be beatin u at alabama as the QB there lol

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OSU right. You dont know my name. The way to get your speed down is run faster SIMPLE but if you want tips on how to run FASTER thats up to these people answering around me.

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there aint no blue chippin in middle school dude just chill while ur still a kid

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