10 points to the first person to get it right first?

What position was Ray Nitcheke( sp?) orginally drafted as.?


What date does the 2007 NFL Schedule come out? I know it's in the spring but what date?


Can you ask me a question?

Middle Linebacker

Does anyone know who is on the cover of Madden 08?


How Bad Is Randy Moss Gonna Tear It Up?

Middle Line backer

What NFL player has posted the highest fantasy football point season in the super bowl era?

he was NOT A MLB, he played Weak side linebacker and only occasionally filled in the middle linebacker spot

What does everyone think of the David Carr Signing by Carolina? Does this mean Delhomme's job in jeopardy?

Middle linebacker man come on now do as u promised 10 pts babe

How much longer do you think McNabb willl be in Philadelphia?

he was drafted in 1958 by the packers as a Fullback from Illinois

Who will the Dallas Cowboys pick with the 22nd pick in the 2007 draft this April?

he was drafted as a first baseman for the la lakers

Baltimore ravens all-time qb ?

In high school he was a quarterback. He switched to fullback in his sophmore year at Iowa State. He player both sides of the ball at Iowa State by also playing at his eventual professional position: Middle Linebacker.

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