2006 Colts VS 2000 Ravens?

Who would win this matchup? What the score?


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2000 Ravens by a score of 21-17

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The 2000 Ravens defense was way better than the 2006 Ravens and the 2006 Ravens held Peyton Manning and the Colts to 15 pts and kept them out of the endzone. The Ravens problem is not defense on any level. It isn't even the bulk of the offense. They need a quarterback. They only lost to the Colts because their quarterback was throwing the football to the wrong players.

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the ravens hands down. they have arguebly the best defense in NFL history next to the bears, and would suffocate the colts offense. ray lewis is the equivelant of peyton manning because he calls audibles and can read the changes in the colts style of offense. and jamal lewis against the colts run defense would be quite the massacre and if you dont know that already i recommend looking up the stats.

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Is that a joke? The 2006 Colts were a mediocre Superbowl team. Their defense just barely pulled themselves together, and their offense has seen better years. The 2000 Ravens were one of the if not the greatest defenses of all time. Their offense was not bad either. It would be a blow out. Probably 35-9 Ravens.

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remember that this is the young Ray Lewis, who used to totally dominate; now, he's good, but ed reed is now slowly taking over as general of the defense.

Ray Lewis vs. Peyton Manning?
Lewis has great hands and can tackle. Lewis wins. Ravens win: 20-14

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I guess I'm the only one going with the Colts. The 2006 Colts defence, for all the lumps they took in the regular season, really stepped up in the post season. They were able to stop the run agaist the same Jamal Lewis (13 carries for 53 yards) that starred for the 2000 Ravens. I would take Steve Mc Nair anyday over Trent Dilfer, and the 2006 Ravens secondary was a lot better than the 2000 version. The Ravens won by stopping the run and forcing Kerry Collins to beat them, which he couldn't. Peyton Manning would have taken advantage of that. The 2006 Colts also had the O-line to protect Manning and give him time to find open receivers. Also take into acount that the 2006 Colts took out the #1 defense (Ravens), the #2 defence (Patriots), and the #3 defence (Bears), and held the leagues leading rusher (Larry Johnson) to 32 yards on 13 carries on their way to the title. 23-10 Colts.

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Even though I am a HUUGE Colts fan, I would have to give this one to the Ravens, 41-13. Ravens had everything. You couldn't throw against them, if you ran, Lewis would pop the ball out. On offense, they could pass with DIlfer and run with JLewis and he could run over anybody.

This is a FACT!?

ravens.a dominate def always beats the offense

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o man this cant be a serius question. im not hatin on the colts but there in a pillow soft division with the texans and the titans who they lossed to once this season. the 06 colt had a rush defence that allowed over 180 yards pergame and they woulda got crushed by 00 jamaal lewis who rushed for 2 grand almost nabbing the record. and dont even get me started about the 2000 ravens defence. lewis reed mcalister role all those guys were in the prime and way to much for the older slower colts. the 2000 ravens would win that one 31-3

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