After the top 10 prospects for the NFL draft, aren't the next 20-30 pretty equal?

Question:I'm a Packer fan and think they could trade down to about 30 from 16 and still get the same exact guy.

Examples: I see WR Meachem on some mocks at 12 and others at 29.

Now, with the new NFL standards, M. Lynch isn't even in the 1st round on some.

Jarrett? Some think mid 1st and others mid 2nd.


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I believe the top 10 are definite stars of the future in the NFL. After the top 10, I believe also that the talent level drops some, but, its very balanced and it goes all the way to the mid second round. There are as many as 5 running backs that have a 1st round rating that will go in the upper part of the second round. Why are the running backs falling in the draft? Basically because teams have more pressing needs that they need a starter now.... and most have good running backs. But history indicates running backs, Corner backs, safeties and Offensive linemen are the safest first round picks. As for the Bills, They go middle linebacker with there pick and the only scenario that would change that is if Adrian Peterson falls in there laps (this is a pipe dream, but, because of Peterson's history of injury, its making teams nervous now). So there is a chance this scenario plays out, and if i where conducting the draft, if Peterson falls to me and i need a MLB, well, I'm taking the guy that is a game-breaker and a stud when healthy... the MLB can wait. Peterson is a rare talent that has size, strength to run people over, and the burner to break the long run for a touchdown.

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Not really. Depends on the needs of the team and the team system, etc. Most mocks are crap anyways. Most likely the mock with Meachem going around 25-29 is more accurate. No way he goes that high at number #12. Buffalo Bills wouldn't take them they need, MLB, RB, and some other spots. The packers will probably take a RB like Lynch. Only reason he may be pushed back in the draft is because of the new policy on players and misconduct. They have, I think been some issue with him, I'm not sure exactly what. MIsconduct and/or injuries. I think the Packers won't trade down and take the best player available at their spot. #16

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Yup, sort of.

If you see a rush on a position you want it might be good to be 12 instead of 28.

For instance if you want a Line Backer and see ten teams above you needing Line Backers it might be kinda depleted at that position. Your team might end up looking at Tight Ends and Offensive Linemen at positions you don't need.

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Well the level of talent usually drops off after a certain point in the draft say usually after the first 10-15 picks. So yeah you can say that in a way. Although it also depends on how each team rates certain players.

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Two words: Tom Brady. Two more: Seventh round Does that answer your question?

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I can see that being true for the Packers, Brian Leonard is probably even better than Marshawn Lynch so I would trade a first and third round pick with the Bears to the 32nd and a second round pick and pick up Brian Leonard and a Tight End.

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Basically it is all team needs.

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