Aikman and Montana compared to Payton Manning?

give a point by point.


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Aikman doesn't even belong in this list. He was successfull in the role he was given, which didn't require him to do anything spectacular. Behind a great line, in a simple passing system, requiring no reads, that use only short to medium timing routes, he would complete a high % of the 20-25 passes per game he'd throw. Every pass was thrown to a spot, that was known before the snap. He was NEVER asked to carry the team. He didn't do very well in a system that required more from him. He wasn't mobile. And, His ARM was AVERAGE at BEST. Of these 3 TA is dead last in athletic ability.

Montana at this time is in the top 3 QB's of all time. He ran a complex offense, but it suited his size, mobility, and arm strength perfectly. However, much of that offenses success came from nobody had seen it before. But Lil Joe could carry a team, and evertone around him knew he'd make the play when they needed one.

Manning is doing things never even tried before. His knowledge of every aspect of strategy surpasses that of antone ever. He has, by far the strongest arm and is more accurate on the deep pass than either of the others. He will rewrite every passing record kept, and at the end of his career his status as the Best QB in the History of FB will undisputed.

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aikman doesnt compare because he didnt play long enough and he had the best talent around him for 90% of his career. peyton manning is certainly among the best. he still has many years to fulfill. montana is the best of these three looking at what they accomplished and what they can work with.

the best qb's in the game are the ones who can work with little to nothing around him and still compete week in and week out. you need mroe qbs for a better comparison if you're looking for who's the best of all time.

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1. Can you spell Peyton?
2. Montana has 4 superbowl rings, Peyton has one.
3. Montana played better under pressure than anyone.
4. Aikman was not as good as the other two, he was on a great team at the right time.
5. Peyton hold more individually records than the others.
6. Montana holds more post-season records.
7. Peyton and Aikman were the first overall picks of their drafts and were great from day one.


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i believ payton is and will be the bst QB ever to play the game, he is football by blood, i dont know how to explain that but its like beckhman and soccer. he is the QB of today and of tomarow and compare him with anybody after his carear and you will see mr football as bing mr football, he knows every angle of the game, he reads defensive schemes like it aint nothin, did montana did that?? it always seems to me like montana was always in desperation and it always worked out for him, Manning he just goes with the flow, no he makes the flow himself and everybody else follows including the D, i dont think any other QB in history made such an impact on the game of today, maybe not yet cuz he still have plenty of years left but you will see he is changing the game and he still will be.

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Well Montana and Aikman have a combined 7 Super Bowl rings Peyton 1 so i think its those 2 but this question kinda don't make sense. Only advantage Manning has is he is a second generation quarterback

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They all played in a different time in football Aikman had a great O-line and he didn't sacked much until his tender head became an effect.
Montana was just great and he had a smart way of reading a defense.
Manning will beat you with is arm but needed a team and got it this year.

All different players with different teams no comparisons

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I think it's a little too soon to be comparing Peyton Manning with Aikman or Joe Montana.
Lets see what he does with the rest of his career first.

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You cant really compare them to Peyton because they played in a different generation of football if all retired around the same years i would say montana just cuz he got the rings

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Montana= best ever under pressure, 4 rings and 3 SB MVP"s, his leadership and accuracy far surpasses both Aikman and Droopy.
Aikman= pure athleticism and tenacity, leadership was superb, and his arm was HUGE.
Manning= only one ring, cracks under pressure, great stats but no results except for this year( if it wasn't for Grossman's choke you wouldn't even be asking this question).

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