Who else agrees that Tommie Frazier was the best college quarterback alive?


How will the saints do when the Veteran (Joe Horn) leaves?

. If he could lead the team to back to back National Championships in 1994 and 1995 I say that he was the best QB at that time.

Football problem...?

Johnny U was the best ever.

Or Elway, Montana, Brady, Akmin... I can go all day and never name Tommie F.

Are there any openly homosexual NFL players?

thats why hes not playing in the nfl

What does the franchise tag on an nfl player entail?

No-one I ever heard of.
Dumbest question today congrats donk

Wht postion should i try out for in high school?

i dont believe he was the best but he may have been the most fun to watch. that kid could move his feet, get out of the pocket and be gone in a flash. and just when you thought you had him he would pitch to lawrence phillips and good bye. another quarterback people forget is brooke barringer who led the way when frazier went down in 96 i believe and carried them to the national championship over miami. he did it through the aie which was strange given nebraskas history. he was slated to be a first round draft pick but died when his plane crashed over central nebraska. the funny thing is that everybody says that the michael vick style of quarterback is the up and coming style of quarterback needed to bring the position to the next level and nebraska has been makin those style of qb's for over 3 decades. go figure.

Kevin james?

How about no! Tommie Frazier wasn't... it Could be Vince Young or Mike Vick.. they could take over a game.he couldn't. In 1999 no one i mean no one could catch #7 Mike Vick from Virginia Tech.. he was only a freshman when he took VT to the N.C. game that year! and V.C. he was the guy that took that trash of a team texas to the N.C. game.. and single handly beat USC.. that was the worst day in history as TEXAS won the N.C. game. So make a long story short.. U SO WRONG!

Do you think that J. Russel will have a big rookie season or will he end up like Matt lienert?

it's tough. if you talk about which qb has accomplished the most, tommie frazier doesn't come close to matt leinart

Over Rated RBs in the NFL?

Must be a Husker fan, Be serious, greatest of all time? He's not even the best Nebraska QB of all time.

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