Any of you play 7 on 7 flag football, whats a good zone to run cover 3, or mostley man?


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It always depends on personnel. Not yours, but theirs. If they have a QB who can do it all (run, hit short passes, launch the deep ball, etc.) then you wanna play it safe and limit big plays using a cover 3. If he's a scrambler then play a cover 2 (blitz 2, LB in middle zone. 2 CBs in flats. 2 deep safeties. If he's got a good arm but limited mobility man up on primary receivers in a cover one. And get pressure on him. Try different defenses during the game and also scout the teams ahead of time to see what they have trouble with and their tendencies

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depends on your personnel... zone is better if you are not particularly fast...

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I think man is better because a good QB could find open holes in the zone coverage but if i had to choose a zone it would be cover 3

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well I'm pretty fast and i like to shut down a receiver by myself. but if your db's are a little weak in that department run cover 3, and jam a WR if you can.

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