6-Man Football.?

In Texas, we have what's called six-man football. Who else has watched the game, and who else thinks that it is a very awesome part of football. Also, are there any other states besides us that have six-man, I've looked on the internet and can't find anything. And if no one knows what what the sport is, please don't reply and act like you know everything, no offense, just people who've seen the game please.


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i think there are teams in Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska & maybe Colorado. i know that Gordon has played teams from as far away as Canada -- and beaten them handily, i might add.

six-man football is a great game. never a dull moment and allows kids from really small schools to get a chance to play football. one of the best games i've seen was the Texas State Championship game a few years ago in San Angelo. Sanderson led Calvert 32-0 at halftime, but Calvert went on a rampage and took back the lead. Sanderson answered, but Calvert scored with less than 30 seconds left to win something like 48-45. i don't think i sat down, except for halftime of course.

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Matt Christopher, a children sports book writer has one about one 6 man football team. My son told me about it and I decided to read it. It was pretty cool. When I play football with my buddies, I don't like having a lot of ppl on the field at a time and 6 man football would be great to play and watch.

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im from texas and i played 5A football, four years varsity. and i just dont think its football. Walter Camp put alot of thought into this game and i just dont think you can go around changing it in that type of way. Im not saying its not a sport but its not football because anyone can play it and anyone can excel in it. thats just not how football is. i liken it to arena football, its entertainment but its not football.

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Texas is one of the few states that still play it. In Ida ho schools have combined to play 11 man. Personally, I have played 6 man. It is a sport that requires 6 basketball players to win a state championship. 11 man is so much better more strategy involved.

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I've never seen a seen a game but I know a few High Schools in Colorado who play 6-man. I have seen an 8-man game however.

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