All time best defensive football players in every position on defense.?

Question:What I am saying is who would you want at Linebackers, Safety's, Cornerbacks, and Defensive Lineman.

I mean anyone from who is not playing or people that are still playing.


Who is the best defensive player in the NFL?

defensive line- bruce smith, reggie white, mean joe green decon jones all of these guys can get to the qb
line backers- mike singletary in the middle derrick thomas on the outside with lawerence taylor once again these guys can stop a run and kill a couple of qbs
secondary- ss ronnie lott, fs joey browner, cb dieon sanders cb champ bailey
my weakness if any is deon sanders who doesn't like to hit . he was a shut down corner ask michael irving in the 94 championship game against the 9ers. recievers are not going to live long if they catch the ball in the secondary between lott and browner i see a lot of stretchers for receivers. i have 10 hitters and 2 shut down corners

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LB RAY NITCHKE GREATEST LINE BACKER OF ALL TIME! Corner Champ Baily Saftey LeRoy Butler( but only because i am a packer fan) and Reggie White on the line.

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Defense 3-4
OLB strong side Jack Ham
MLB Dick Butkucs and Raymond Nitschke
OLB weak side Derrick Brooks
SS John Lynch
FS Ed Reed (I cant even imagine these two safeties togther)
CB Mike Haynes and Jimmy Johnson
DT Ted Washington
DE Reggie White and Richard Seymour
now that is a defensive team
I picked coverage corners so theyd be able to let John Lynch move up (although its not like the linebackers would need any help).

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Asante Samuel!

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LineBacker: Jack Lambert
Safety: Rod Woodson
Cornerback: Dick Lane, Darren Woodson
Defensive Linemen: Reggie White, Bruce Smith, Joe Greene, Deacon Jones

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MLB-mike singletary
OLB-derrick thomas
OLB-dick butkus
DT-joe klecko
DE-dan hampton
DE-jason taylor
DT-reggie white
SAFETY-pat tillman
CB-champ bailey
CB-fastest man alive from the redskins in the 80's
that would mix things up nice i think.i was gonna put jason sehorn at CB but then i remembered...he


Middle Line Backer - Mike Singletary ( Chicago Bears )
Strong Safety- Ronnie Lott ( San Francisco 49er's )
Cornerback - Deion Sanders ( Falcons 49er's & Cowboys )
Outside Line Backer - Lawrence Taylor ( NY Giants)

That's all I would need. I could fill the rest of the defensive positions with mediocre players and still win the superbowl.

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Ron Lott Was the toughest he once had part of his finger cut of so he could play the next week

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