"Cincinnati Bengals" big lost or minor lost, losing DB Kevin Kaeshivarn?

Should the Cincinnati Bengals have tried harder to keep safety Kevin Kaeshivarn?


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its a big loss for his skill and his character. he was one of the best character players on the team and an awesome backup. sometimes with injuries he was put in the wrong situations he wasn't very good, but when he is used properly hes the freakin man, like last year when he led the team in interseptions as a backup, he had 2 game sealing interceptions last year. it doesn't really look like a big player loss, but it could be devistating.

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Since the Bengals were ranked number 30 on defense you would think it would be a big loss, but the weakest areas of the defense were the DL and LBs. With all of the so-so talent at DB still available in free agency and plenty in the draft, I don't think it will be hard to replace Kaeshivarn. For what he was asking for and what they can replace him with, I think it was a good team decision to let him walk.

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Medium size loss. He was just a reserve, but he did show some flashed of having the ability to be quite good. I think he can develop into being a high average player, which is too bad for the Bengals.

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