Anybody have any good maddenisms?


In theory (explain) what QB out of the following, would have been successful had they not been rushed to play?

Madden sycks man buy a copy of ESPN 2K5 best football game EVER!

If Gene Upshaw was doing so bad as head of the NFLPA why did he get re-elected?

well my whole street has a big madden tornament and i've won 3 strait championships, so im pretty good, but definatly not good enough to play on maddennation, lol

Who are the top 10 offensive lineman in the NFL today, and what teams boast top 5 offensive lines?

i'm still on madden 05. yes, i'm a god at it. i've been in tournaments, many. i havent lost a game in a couple years. i dont know if i'd be anygood on madden nation though, those guys are really amazing.

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