Am I a bad Colts fan for hating Peyton Manning?

I mean... I love the Colts... always have... but I hate Peyton Manning and think he is the most overrated player ever in football. Now I didn't hate him initially... I knew he would play great for us... but watching him conduct himself over the years and seeing him blame the team year after year for the losses he caused in the playoffs. And the commercials he does that degrade other teams. And the man isn't even appreciative of his great fans... I was at a signing session and overheard him talking to his publicist about how he "hates this * and shouldn't even be obligated to take part in it." And left soon after with his publicist giving the excuse of him having a family emergency. Marvin Harrison is my all time favorite player... him and the rest of that offense doesn't get enough credit for carrying Peyton to those great stats. I really hope Peyton comes around before the end of his career and begins appreciating the team he has been lucky enough to be a part of. UGH!


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No, not at all, you are a great fan for forming you own opinions and feeling the way you want. You do not just jump on the bandwagon and follow blindly. There have been a number of players for my teams that I have hated, just because you are a fan does not mean you have to liek all the players. It is even better that you have reason behind your feelings that a number of people feel. There is nothing wrong with disliking a player for your team, and I agree with your points as well.

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No and here is why I say that. I am a Patriots fan and I never liked Drew Bledsoe. A good qb but at the same time, predicable. He would get so pissed off even if the Pats won the game. In a way, I know how you fell.

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Yes you are a bad colts fan. Peyton is the colts no matter how you want to look at it. There O line is pretty good but not the best, his smart reads and audibles makes that line better than they are not to mention his lightning quick release and pin point accuracy. Harrison would be a good receiver and not a great receiver if it weren't for Peyton Manning. I know some of the players security personnel for the Colts and they say Peyton is a bit stuck up, but he is also respectful and nice at the sametime. Remember he has been in the spot light since he could throw a ball, all that constant attention and press will make you that way at some point. I give it to you about the autograph thing, that was uncalled for, but you will not find too many superstar athletes that don't feel the same way he did. He makes that team what it is, it sure isn't the undersized defense and the running game can only be as strong as the passing game, unless you have Barry Sanders. I can't say you don't have the right to not like him as a person, but as a player you have to like him, he is the best QB in the game and I bet he goes down as the best QB ever.

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Wow that is pretty much sacrelige right there. I wouldnt be saying that too loudly your liable to have ur car blown up or something. Peyton is the reason your team won the Superbowl last year. Be thankful. The Steelers are stuck with f** Ben Roethlisberger.

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Yes you are. Manning won the superbowl for you! And, for Harrison, he was bad with stats for two years, averaging 800 yards a year. and then Manning came.(1300 yards a year) Now his stats are great. You should look for positive things to say about manning instead of negatives.

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Good Grief!

Manning is one of the most likable, respected, talented and humble super-stars that the NFL has ever seen.

He is likely to go down in history as the greatest quarterback to wear the uniform, he single-handedly rescued his team dozens of times (and that was just this past season), he is a meticulous fantastic play-caller (he does as good a job picking plays in the pocket as some excellent offensive coordinators do on the sidelines)

.. and exactly where were the Colts before Manning got there? They were PATHETIC.

So quit your belly-aching.. and stop trashing the best thing that has ever happened to the Colts.

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nope not at all...just cause you like the team doesnt mean you have to like all the players.. Im a Falcon fan and i dont like some of there players.

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Marvin Harrison is your all time favorite player?!
Don't get me wrong: he's very talented and respectable.
But... Harrison is great because Peyton is great.

The Colts are great because of Peyton's leadership.
He's a complete franchise player.
And Peyton is extremely humble and appreciative.

Go Colts =]

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Um, you are a bad fan in general!! I mean Peyton Manning is probably the MOST likeable person in the NFL.

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yes you are a bad colts fan. peyton is a good guy. don't be hatin'

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no your not, i like harrison, and wayne but i hate payton manning too!!!!

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no you're not a bad fan. i understand where you are coming from with that experience. deep down, every fan dislikes a certain player on his team. in your case, its peyton manning, who most colts fans cherish. it was your defense that carried the colts into the super bowl because manning still did play awful in all 3 playoff games. however, it was manning that carried the team in the big game itself. you have to respect the guy for what he has done for your team, at the same time though you have the right to dislike him. its just one player on the team you dislike. manning is not the entire team, although he acts like it sometimes, he's not. you are a good fan.

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Yes, you are a bad Colts fan. I have never understood autograph signing sessions anyway. No athlete should like signing photos and other stuff, over and over for and endless line of fans. That's just me. If it's a one on one meeting and he acts like an ***, then that might me different.
I suppose you much more appreciated the efforts of some of the great quarterbacks that preceded Manning like Jeff George and Art Schlichter.
I do however agree with you completely on Marvin Harrison. What a classy player.

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yes, he's the heart. thats like liking the lakers, but hating kobe

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hey, you're not alone. i also hate peyton manning and his little sister eli. only thing, i'm not a colts fan. GO BOLTS!!

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Yeah I'd say you are not an educated Colts fan if you hate Manning. For one, he doesn't blame his teammates. Anyone who think they didn't have protection issues with the offensive line against the Steelers last year is stupid. Dungy and offensive coordinator Tom Moore said the same thing. All the other playoof loses were a team effort; 2 of them being missed field goals against the Steelers an Dolphins.

What part of Manning do you hate? The fact that he won more regular season games since 1999 than any other team? The fact that he led the greatest comeback in Conference Championship history against New England last year - was that a "big" game? The fact that he helped win the Superbowl? The fact that he has never missed a game in 9 years? The fact that he virtually owns all records compared to any player who has played the same amount of time? The fact that he threw an NFL record in 49 TD's passes in one years? The fact that he studied and prepares harder than any other player in the NFL? The fact that he basically call his own game at the line of scimmage in a way no other NFL QB does./.

The only resonable knock that anyone could have argued against him was that he couldn't win big games but he did that against New England and Chicago in the Superbowl last year. Also, those great Colt teams that lost to NE and the Steelers last year - they lost the the eventual Superbowl champs meaning everyone else lost to them as well.

Before Manning, no Indy QB had ever thrown for more than 18 TD's. Manning have NEVER thrown for less than 26!

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Yes. And you're an idiot too. Former league MVP's are not overrated. That team would not be nearly as successful with anyone else at QB, ANYONE.

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No, your not a bad Colts fan for hating your quarterback because he couldn't get the job done even though he had more targets to throw to then any other team in the NFL. Peyton is way overated I just wish everyone else would see that.

What do you think?

everyone has his likes and dislikes .You shouldn't worry about it.

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