Any other converted Boise State Football fans?

Question:I am a huge college football fan. With spring ball starting up I cann't wait for for the Fall. One team I am really interested in seeing is Boise State. Their quaterback is on the cover of this years NCAA 08, the Fiesta Bowl was by far one of the best games (NFL/College) I have seen this year, and I am really interested in seeing what they will do next year.

Are there any other converted fans who share the same feelings as me? Has Boise State become your 1st/2nd/3rd in college football?


Any American football league in Houston, Texas?


Who was it?

I havn't followed them in recent years, but I'll keep an eye open

What do you want to see in Madden 08?

Well i have always been a fan of them for they are a classy program, since i like UTEP an UTEP used to be in the WAC we played them

Who is the best football team?

im a longhorn fan, and i wanna see how they respond after slappin around those queers called sooners!

Who likes john elway?

Bandwagoning -.-

I've been a BSU fan for about 4 years now... and they became my #3 team behind Miami and Hawaii...

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