2007 nfl draft?

I was thinking of the fact that Adrian Peterson might go to CLeveland or Brady Quinn but if Brady Quinn doesnt go at 3 where is he going to go and will he be the next Matt leinart


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The furthest he slides is to #7 Minnesota or #9 Miami but I doubt that will be an issue. The Browns realize that Frye isnt the answer and Quinn would be a highly popular pick in Cleveland (dont underestimate that factor...look no further than the LeBron effect in Cleveland). Add in the fact that the Browns are getting a lot of inside information about Quinn from Weis and they simply cant pass up Quinn. Peterson actually has the best chance to be this years Lienart, it is pretty risky to pay the bonus and top dollar for a guy with an injury history. I think Peterson slides to Minnesota (a 4 spot slide from most projections) and Joe Thomas slides from 2nd to 5th (no way Arizona could pass up Thomas).
Best projections at the moment:
1. Raiders...Russell
2. TB (from Det.)...Calvin Johnson
3. Cleve.Quinn
4. Det. (from TB).Gaines Adams
5.Arizona...Joe Thomas
6. Wash.(could be trade away)..Jamaal Anderson
7. Minn.Peterson
8. Atl.LaRon Landry
9. Miami...Omobi Okoye (could go Patrick Willis, LBer's are old also)
10. Houston...Levi Brown

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they dont need brady quinn if you have frye. just draft peterson and wait until a couple of seasons unitl frye, peterson and braylon gets better and you're looking at one of the best offenses.

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Well not that many teams need a quarterback this year. So if he doesn't go in the top 3 then he could slide down late into the first round quite possibly even the second round which would be a huge nightmare for him.

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if quinn gets skipped over there, i think the right team for him is washington or minnesota. neither jason campbell(skins) and Tarvaris Jackson(vikings) are the answer to their franchise. washington picks b4 minnesota so brady quinn going there makes sense.

Your opinion?

If players truly cared about winning they'd rather drop to the middle of the first round. You go to a better team with a greater chance of winning and usually there is a good mentor to teach you. Especially at qb. Qbs generally do better when they get to sit behind a vet for a year. Look at carson palmer. Think he's be this good if they threw him into the game immediatly. You might get less money but if they cared about winning they wouldnt' complain.

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if he doesnt go to cleveland, the next destination would be minnesota.

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I have a feeling Brady Quinn will be taken by Detroit at #2 or Cleveland, both are in need of a franchise QB. Kitna would be a good level headed QB to learn from in Detroit, but in Cleveland Quinn would most likely start over Channing Frye midway through the season...toss up. I do not feel he will be the next Leinart. I think he will be more like Kitna and start here and there...be productive, but never really stick with one team for many years.

Here is my top five and where they will go. #1, Oakland - JaMarcus Russell, #2 Detroit - Brady Quinn, #3 Cleveland - Calvin Johnson, #4 Tampa Bay - Gaines Adams, #5, Arizona - Joe Thomas.

Joe may go as high as third and JaMarcus may slip with Calvin going first...it will be an interesting draft.

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Quinn would get drafted at #7 by Minnesota. Washington doesn't need a QB. Jason Campbell is the answer for the Redskins. Campbell had 10 TD's to 6 INT's which is good for someone who only played in 7 games. Although he's erratic, he's inexperienced so give him some time.

Tarvaris Jackson isn't the answer for Minnesota. 2 TD's to 4 INT's suck but he is also inexperienced. Quinn would bring excitement to Minnesota and give them a new level of confidence.

Anyone that thinks Quinn would be drafted outside of the Top 10 is wrong. Coming from a pro style offense, Quinn is prepared for the NFL and he's too good to not get drafted in the top 10.

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yes, there is a lot of parallel since matt leinart thought he could go first overall. he might even be an aaron rodgers.

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If Brady Quinn doesn't go to Cleveland then i I think it is most likely that Miami will try and pick him up. They really need him with their current QB situation. I do think he will do well because he has all of his QB skills pretty much down and, while Matt Leinart had a whole bunch of weapons to work with at USC, Quinn really only had Jeff Samardzija ans ended up doing pretty well. So, it will be interesting to see how well Quinn can do with a whole offense of superstars for him to work with.

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Brady is going to the Browns because Russel will be at the Raiders and Johnson will be at Detroit. And the Browns need a franchise QB, plus he did say he wanted to be their.

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http://footballsfuture.com look at the forums there, they talk about this soo much, you will find your answer easily

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