Any girls out there, did u ever wanna play football when u were younger?

i wished when i was younger that they would've had football just for the girls, i loved it and played w/the boys but they didn't wanna hurt me and yet if i'd play w/girls then i had less chance of them worryin about hurting ea other, course it'd be tag, but no girls were really interested in a tomboy i guess.i still wanna play too, dammit, lol


Why did the steelers trade a 4th & 6Th round 2 move up 7 spots to pick a punter in the 4th round.?

well our school didnt have a gurls football team (i dont think ANY school has a grl football team) but i played football for my middle school and nobody stopped me because its a law that if the school doesnt have the same sport offered for the other sex then the girls are allowed to join the men sport or vice versa

Question for Steelers fans!?

No, but I know a girl who REALLY wants to be a referee.

Is it true what Borat said, that females have smaller brains than men...?

I'd love to play football with you

How many draft picks do the Dallas Cowboys have in this years draft and what round are they in?

A girl STARTS at left side wide reciever for my JV 9th grade team... She's really good to, she can jump well, runs really fast and has good hands, she's like another one of the guys at anytime... ON the field, at skool, outta skool... She just showers up and dresses out in a different part of the locker room and has a few different pads... I know her really well because I am the starting right side reciever, (she's X and I'm Y) I am big and physical... It's like she's Marvin Harrison and I'm Reggie Wayne, she's faster, quicker, smaller... I'm bigger, stronger, more physical...

Do u think Jerry Rice is still the best WR?

Me too! I spent my summers outdoors and grew up with many neighbors who were boys.I am still a huge football fan and wish that I could play too! Its cool to see that Im not alone!

Who should of the texans got in the draft?

I wanted to play football in the city league so bad when I was younger, but my parents said it was to dangerous for a girl. But throughout my whole childhood we got a game going almost every other day. It was great!! I still love to play.

Can the Chargers please sign Keyshawn Johnson?

When I played in high school, there was a team in our conference that had a girl that played. Nobody knew it till they saw her on the field because her name on the scouting report was Tony. She was the STARTING left GUARD and MIDDLE linebacker. I didnt know that it was a girl until I hit her and saw that she was wearing eye liner.

Who is the greatest Dallas Cowboy of alltime and why winner gets a tshirt yea right?

that is cool. football is awesome. there is this women's football league. i think because i had a teacher who has a friend in it. just google women's pro football.

What are some conditioning exercises for a offensive linemen?

Yes and I actually have played in the last few years.. There are women semi pro teams that the NFL has not picked up. you can go to and look at the cities and states that have a team. If you are 18 and want to play they have try-outs in their offseason most of the time it is in June and July if the season is over. You can also look to see when the teams start playing this year. I know that the Orlando women's team has their first game on April 28th.

What is the latest news on Tyrone Prothro?

YES!! I always wanted to play! My big dream is/was to make a touchdown in any superbowl !! Isn't that funny, because I never wanted to get hurt or get tackled, I just wanted the glory of running for a touchdown!! Ahhhh, what fun that would be !!

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