2007 NFL predictions?

Question:afc: south- Indianapolis(16-0)
east- New England(15-1)
west- Denver(12-4)
north- Baltimore(12-4)
wild-cards: San Diego(11-5) / Tennessee(11-5)
1st round: San Diego over Baltimore / Denver over Tennessee
Div: San Diego over Indianapolis / New England over Denver
AFC Chmp: New England over San Diego

nfc: north- Chicago(13-3)
east- Philadelphia(12-4)
south- New Orleans(11-5)
west- 49ers(10-6)
wild-cards: Dallas(11-5) / Green Bay(10-6)
1st round- 49ers over Dallas/ Green Bay over New Orleans
Div- Chicago over Green Bay/ 49ers over Philadelphia
NFC Chmp- Chicago over 49ers

Super Bowl XLII: New England 46 Chicago 10


How many Charger fans think Nate Kaeding Should get the boot?

south - Indianapolis 14-2
east - New England 14-2
west - Oakland 10-6
north - Baltimore 13-3
wild card - Tennesse 11-5, Jacksonville 11-5

south - Atlanta 11-5
east - Philadelphia 12-4
west - San Francisco 10-6
north - Chicago 10-6
wild card - St. Louis 10-6, Washington 9-7

1st Round AFC- Oakland over Tennesse, Jacksonville over Baltimore
1st Round NFC- San Francisco over Washington, St. Louis over Chicago
2nd Round AFC- Oakland over Indianapolis, New England over Jacksonville
2nd Round NFC- Philadelphia over San Francisco, St. Louis over Atlanta
3rd Round AFC- New Engliand over Indianapolis
3rd Round NFC- Philadelphia over St. Louis

Super Bowl XLII- New England over Philadelphia 33-27 OT
Asante Samuel Interception return to end the season.

Pro Bowl- AFC over NFC 51-49

MVP-Steven Jackson STL
Offensive Player of the year-Steven Jackson STL
Defensive Player of the year-Nnamdi Asomugha OAK
Rookie of the Year - Calvin Johnson - Tampa Bay

Nnamdi Asomugha - 13 interceptions
Frank Gore - 2399 rushing yards
Steven Jackson - 33 rushing touchdowns
Fabian Washington - 9 Return Touchdowns

Who are some of the 1st round players you think will bust this year?


South- Colts (13-3)
East- Patriots (11-5)
West- Chargers (11-5)
North- Ravens-( 12-4)
Wild Cards- Broncos (11-5), Bengals (10-6)
1st round: Partiots over Broncos/ Chargers over Bengals
Div: Ravens over Partiots/ Colts over Chargers
AFC Championship: Colts Over Ravens


North- Bears (11-5)
East- Eagles ( 14-2)
South- Saints (10-6)
West- Seahawks ( 10-6)
Wild Cards: Cowboys (10-6), Rams (9-7)
1st round: Seahawks over Cowboys/ Saints over Rams
Div- Eagles over Seahawks/ Saints over Bears
NFC Championship- Eages over Saints

Super Bowl XLII: Eagles 34 Colts 27

How many Kottonmouth Kings CDs does Ricky Williams own?


South - Colts
East - Patriots
North - Ravens
West - Broncos
Wild Cards - Chargers
Wild Cards - Bengals

AFC Championship Game - Ravens over Patriots


South - Panthers
North - Packers
East - Eagles
West - Seahawks
Wild Cards - Saints
Wild Cards - Giants

NFC Championship Game - Panthers over Eagles

Who is Mao zdong?

East-New England
Afc Champ-Steelers over Chargers 24-21

Nfc Champ-Eagles over Saints 21-27
Super Bowl XLII: Steelers over Eagles 21-10

WHAT postion should i play?

AFC - East New York Jets
AFC-North- cincinnati
AFC- South Jacksonville
AFC- West-Denver
AFC Wildcards Miami - Tennesee
NFC North [[[Once again ]]]Chicago
NFC South Atlanta
NFC WestSeattle
NFC Wildcards Dallas San Fran
SuperBowl Jacksonville @Atlanta
God Luck Everyone & TY

Who will start at QB for the Miami Dolphins??

Jets will win it all, the rest doesn't matter

Are there any plans to demolish the Orange Bowl in Miami?

I'm not going through every division...I agree with your overall Super Bowl champ, though...So, we're cool...I predict in the AFC Playoffs, once again the Colts and Patriots, with the Patriots showing that they are the best team in football, and taking REVENGE for the crappy refs last year...45-30...

In the NFC, I predict the Saints will be back...and if Grossman can get more consistent, the Bears could be there, too...

So, the final four pretty much the same, with the Pats beating the Saints in the Super Bowl, 42-28...

The Next victium of the madden curse?

having the colts go 16-0 is the stupidest thing i've ever heard.

Fastest player in the NFL?

east-patriots (14-2) great free agent signings this offseason. another year of brady and belicek.
west-broncos (12-4) the addition of dre bly will strengthen their D drastically. watch out for these guys this year.
north-ravens (11-5) mcnair will be back and so will that strong D.
south-colts (11-5) lost key players on their team. will not be as good as last year, but will certainly be in the playoffs and will put up a good fight.
wildcard-chargers (10-6), jaguars (10-6)

south- saints (13-3) almost same team coming back with more experience together. will be tough to beat this year.
east- cowboys (12-4) romo will be a consistent qb this year. they should make a run if TO can catch the ball, which happens to be thrown in his direction over half the time.
west- 49ers (11-5) it'll be a run between them and the hawks for this division, but i have a feeling the niners will sweep the hawks this year.
north- packers (9-7) its a weak division, but the packers are young, have potential, and have great leadership coming from favre. they should make a run for it this year as the bears are declining this offseason (also, notice how many teams who lose the super bowl that actually make it back the following year)
wild card- seahawks (9-7), panthers (9-7)

Do you think athletes are role models?

Colts, 16 and 0. I dont think so! The pats will go to the super bowl. I definlty agree with that. They WILL be the best team in the AFC next year and for many to come.

Why are scouts overlooking Troy Smith in this years draft?

South: Indy 12-4
East: New England 13-3
West: San Diego 14-2
North: Cincy 10-6
WC: Tennessee, Pittsburgh
Indy over Pitt
Tennessee over Cincy
San Diego over Tennessee
New England over Indy
New England over San Diego

North: Chicago 11-5
East: Philly 10-6
South: Carolina 10-6
West: Seattle 11-5
WC: Arizona, New Orleans
Philly over Arizona
New Orleans over Carolina
Seattle over Philly
Carolina over Chicago
Carolina over Seattle

New England 27, Carolina 16

I'm a defensive end, what is the best way to take on a 300 lb tackle?

AFC south- Colts (10-6)
AFC East- Patriots (13-3)
AFC west- Chargers (13-3)
AFC North- Bengals (11-5)

Wild cards: Ravens (10-6) Broncos (10-6)

1st round: Ravens over Bengals/ Broncos over Colts
Division: Patriots over Ravens/ Chargers over Broncos
AFC Championship: Patriots over Chargers

NFC North- Bears (10-6)
NFC East- Eagles (11- 5)
NFC west- Seahawks (12-4)
NFC South- Saints (12-4)
Wild cards: Redskins (9-7) Panthers (9-7)

1st round: Panthers over Eagles/ Redskins over Bears
Division: Seahawks over Redskins/ Saints over Panthers
NFC Championship: Saints over Seahawks

Super Bowl XLII: Patriots 28 Saints 17

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