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Question:2 part question.
1.) What year did Jim Kelly sign with the Buffalo Bills?
2.) Did he deserve to be a 1st ballot Hall of Famer?


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The Buffalo BIlls signed Jim in the 1983 NFL DRAFT.
He had a good record with the Bills , so I say yes he deszerved to be inducted.

QB / Miami (FL)
Played in Buffalo from 1986-96…was the 14th overall pick in the first round of the 1983 NFL draft…is the all-time leading passer in franchise history (2,874 completions, 35,467 yards)…was part of Buffalo's four straight AFC Championships in the early 1990s…In a spectacular 1991 campaign, recorded the most completions (304), passing yards (3,844), most passing touchdowns (33) in a single season for the franchise…Named the AFC Player of the Month three times (September, 1989, September, 1991 and September, 1992), and was named AFC Player of the Week 10 times.

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1983 and Yes !

Whos the best?

Who cares? He couldn't win the big one.

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1983 and yes.

Who's better VY or MVick ?

Oh thats tough i think number is is 1983, and number two, well, I think they should have choose that other guy...whats his name again...?

Hell week in football, Helpppp!!?

a) 1983

b) yes because hes still the 2nd best quarterback never to get a ring, with warren moon being #1 and he still got a LOT closer to winning than moon did

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didnt he get drafted the same year as dan marino? 1983?? then played a couple of years in the usfl, so my answer is 1985. as for being a first ballot HOFer, why not?? he only led his team 4 times to the superbowl

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1. Don't know resident expert on ebay.

2. Yes young but a bright light.
How about 2.5 pts for effort?
Need the points can't get a break on here.
I don't troll or match.com.
Happy Bunnies warm fuzzies to ya.

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1. 1983
2. yes. he brought the Bills to 4 straight superbowls

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1983 and no he didnt he brought them to 4 staright super bowls BUT NEVER WON 1!!

2 football questions?

2...Yes he did. I think his accomplishments speaks for themself. Personally I think that he's one of the best quarterbacks that has ever played the game.

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Yes. I don't want to hear that he could not win the Super Bowl because brought Buffallo their 4 times. He was an all-time great QB.

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1 meow
2 meow-er

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The year was 1983, and yes he was deserving of the Hall of Fame but not his first year. People like Henry Lawrence, three time Super Bowl Veteran and two-time pro=bowler should have been indicted. Kelley never was never a all-round player and never won the big one.

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1983 and hell no, he was good but not 1st ballot good

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1983 and Yes

Who wore #66 for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1990's?

1983 AND NO WAY!

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A. 1983
B. He deserves to be. It isn't his fault that his kicker missed a field goal. Tell me how you can blame him for that. I hate quarterbacks so much but I feel bad for them at the same time. People act like they are the whole team. Oh, HE couldn't win the big one. HE didn't get rid of it fast enough. Think for a second. Football is the greatest team game. Kelly deserves to be there and that guy who says he couldn't win the big one, that guy doesn't even know what he's talkin about. There aren't that many to get into that game. Also, to the person who said that he's the second greatest to never win a ring behind warren moon. How about Dan Marino? I'm pretty sure he had probably the best career you could have without winning it all.

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1983 and of course, he led the Bills to 4 super bowls. He is not the only reason they lost. It takes a team to lose a game.

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Well you have the answer to number one and as for number two does it matter? I could argue until I'm blue in the face as to thinking one way or the other, but he isn't getting taken out of the Hall and they aren't going to say well never mind and mark he went in on the second ballot or something. I think any player that deserves to go to the Hall probably should be voted for on the first Ballot. Very few have something happen after that ballot that they deserve in. Oh and he isn't the second best. He is third best if you call Warren Moon the best. Dan Marino was better then Jim Kelly.

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1983 and that is a big Hell YEAH/

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1. It is correct that he was an '83 draft pick (in that great QB class that also produced Elway), but he did not play in the NFL right away. He signed with Houston of the USFL and when the USFL disbanded, under NFL rules, Buffalo still held his rights.

2. Not a first-ballot HOF'er but definitely an HOFer.

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Well, he signed in 86, although he was drafted in 83. As far as as 1st ballot Hall of Famer....I never really followed Buffalo too closely, although his numbers are pretty good and he was QB for 4 consecutive AFC championships. So I would have to say yes on the 1st ballot HOF. Remember, hall of fame is like the pro bowl, it's more numbers than anything else. Example.Dan Marino-1st ballot HOF, played in 1 superbowl and lost. I hate to use that comparison, but there it is. Take it or leave it.

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1983 And i think yes is the answer?

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1983 and YEs come on now man :)

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