Anybody think that this years madden cover boy will break the "curse"?!?


Who's on the cover of the madden 08 game?

I would have said yes, until I found out that Vince Young will be on the cover. Vince's style of scrambling a lot will get him hurt and the curse will continue!

Trent green under-rated? Try Jeff Garcia!?


Barry Sanders is comeing back?

no, i dont think it will. i wish it would be brian urlacher so the bears can suffer more then they already will this year.

Anyone else ready for football season?

If it's Peyton Manning, it will be broken! Superbowl #2 comming for the Colts people!!

Jordan Palmer would be backup qb to redskins this year?

no. the madden curse has no mercy.

If LT was on the Texans last season would he had the record breaking MVP season like he had on the Chargers?

i say yes its either going to be Peyton manning or L.T.

WOAH. where was Brady Quinn in NFL draft?

Chad Johnson is supposed to be this year's Madden cover player. Its kinda hard to understand how the curse of Madden will make things worse for the Bengals. Maybe he'll get arrested while having a night at the strip club with Adam "Pacman gonna make it rain" Jones.

Who is number 27 of the jacksonville jaguars an how do i find his picture?

Sure hope so.

What would you do if you were the Miami Dolphins?

If its LT, then yes. He's impervious to curses.

When Steve McNair Retire's Who Will Take His Place..Troy Smith Or Kyle Boller?

Yes I think it doesnt matter who it is.
More than likely it will be Devin Hester.

Jim Otto of the Oakland Raiders used to wear "00" as his jersey number. Can NFL players still wear "0" & "00"?

What curse. Its fictional and made up by morons

Browns fans: Which do you despise more, the Steelers or the Ravens?

When hell freezes over!

Does anyone know when the Patriots tix for 2007 go on sale? Or if they already have?

The reports are its Chad Johnson and he is a big factor for the Bengals offense and as a Bengals fan he better break that damn curse.

Aside from Brett Favre and Reggie White?

Not a darn clue, guess we'll have to find out huh? :P

Ain't West Virginia fans kinda insane in the membrane for thinking that..?

No I think Vince Young is a year or two away at this point. He is a mobile quaterback and that leads to injuries in the NFL. I have already heard it is Vince Young guess I am the first here to hear.

Should London (England) be considered as a new franchise City for a new NFL Team? And the name will be...?

No Vince would have gotten injured even if he hadn't been cover boy(which I cant believe they named him that, but I wont go into that, ill be going all night.)He is going to start thinking he is invincible and scramble and try to run over a MLB. That is my prediction on how he gets injured.

Who is the best player at each position?

No I like VY but its curse time for him.

What ever happened to the chicago blackhawks?

it was broken once john madden got his hall of fame coach coat. it started the year he couldnt get it. now he has it

How far can Alex Smith and Frank Gore take the 49ers?

nope, btw do you know who the Madden08 cover will be?

Should he enter the nfl draft?

yes because vince young is going to be the best one

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