If you were the owner of the Raiders who would “YOU” take with the #1 pick?


Does anyone find it odd that the Heisman winner and National Championship MVP get no love in the draft?

Al Davis is such a moron anything could happen between now and the draft.

The need a qb. They have to take Russell especially if they can't move Moss.

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if i had to keep the pick, i'd go Calvin Johnson

the best player in the draft (right now) OBVIOUSLY
and most people acknowledge that J-Russel is a project
...what if he doesn't pan out?.or what if he ends up being a Daunte Cullpepper AKA a big strong QB who's inconsistant, not all that bright, and an injury wating to happen

I realize that the Raiders would be up a creek without a QB this year, but even with an unpolished rookie, they'd be in the same boat.

Get rid of moss, try your damdest to get a veteran QB at some point before next years' draft and then maybe take somebody who'll suspiciously rise up draft boards like Russel did this year.

HOWEVER, if i was the owner,
A-they wouldn't suck as bad
and B-i would try and trade the pick to get additional picks

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doesn't matter - raiders suck


Pacman response?

I would take (WR) Calvin Johnson with the first pick. They should also take a chance on a quarterback (Trent Edwards ?) in round two. The raiders have a ton of holes to fill but they have to address that horrible offence.

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Joe Thomas 6'6 311 runs a 4.8
Thats where the Raiders have the biggest problem is their OL not their QB. They have Walters... you cant judge him when he has a horrible OL and they have already made some serious improvements to their OL in the off-season. With the addition of Joe Thomas they could be last years Jets. Go from one of the worst teams to the playoffs because they beef up their OL. They should have a good running game with Jordan and Rhodes splitting carries and Griffith as their fullback. Their defense is already good. Defiantly dont trade Randy Moss I dont know why people say this. The quarterback just needs a decent OL so he has time to make good throw to Moss.

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I think they ahve to take Russell. They need a qb so bad.

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I would take JaMarcus Russell. Mind you, I prefer Brady Quinn over him, but Russell is the best fit for the Raiders. Russell's athletic ability is much needed in a very challenged Raiders offense. I'm not sure Quinn could manage in those circumstances as well as Russell potentially could.

But first i would trade for number three, in a 3-way deal that avoids letting Cleveland take Russell at #1. Easier said than done.

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jamarcus russel hands down ray lewis can't even tackle him and why would yo take calvin johnson when you have randy moss and (whatsaname) porter

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I would try to get out of the #1 spot if at all possible. Otherwise, I would go with Calvin Johnson.

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JaMarcus Russell. If I were the Raiders owner, I'd have enough sense to realize that Andrew Walter is NOT a quarterback of NFL starter quality.

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Russell. They need a qb ASAP!

I dont want to loose points so i made a new account, but how will the falcons be this year?

I'd trade for McCown and draft Calvin Johnson. Hell...use Moss and Porter to trade for picks if at all possible. Just clear out the "me" guys and start building a team...

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Anyone to help that sorry *** offensive line. It's not the qb or the rb. If you cant protect them how do you expect to get anything going on the offense. Should grab Carr and build around him. I mean you have Randy Moss. Say what you will but the guys a winner. Put it up there and he'll get it. But you need time to get it up and out there. Sorry *** o-line.

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