Anyone else sick of the fact that Patriots never get called for holding?

Just throwing it out there to see if my opinion is widely agreed upon. Off season sucks. Keep in mind there actuall was a big holding call against them this year in the playoffs against the Colts. It was a miracle. Thank you God.


What do you think of reports that the Raiders are now SERIOUSLY considering taking Calvin Johnson #1?

YA I noticed that last year I saw at least 5 holding penalties in one game and they wrent called for it thats a big reason why they win they never have any penalties and they score easily I honestly think that Tom Brady sucks and he is a lucky son of a **

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im just sick of the Patriots

How good will the Texans be with Ahman Green?

Well, I'm a football referee (high school, mind you), and I don't think they do much holding. I kept a close eye on their offensive line during their playoff game against the Chargers, and I think they're simply big enough and strong enough not to need to hold.

And yeah, the offseason sucks. Nothing to do between now and August, and I'd rather eat broken glass than to watch baseball.

When reggie bush played for usc why did he have 619 under his eyes?

Please provide some statistics to show that in the last five years, the Patriots were called for holding significantly less than other NFL teams and I would be happy to consider your theory.

What team will David Carr end up with since his release from the Texans?

I don't think they get away with it anynore than other teams do.
And yes I am having football withdrawls. It's awful. I hate baseball. It's the only sport where you can cram 10 minutes of excitement into 3 hours.

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i am i hate the patriots! go colts!!!!!!!!!...

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sick of what, i dont see how they dont get called for holding

i dont see you mentioning the colts not getting called for PI

or the colts getting a lucky RTP call


America's Game Commerical?

That just means that the Pats dont hold on offense or defense dumb ***.

Football training?

no, they dont get called for holding because they dont hold. you cant get called for something you dont do.

NFL suspensions, with or without pay??

Haha sir all games are called evenly, especially in the NFL. As much as i despise the Pats, its true.

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What date does the NFL schrdule come out?

ya it pisses me off.

Does anybody think the detroit lions will ever win a super bowl if h*ll freezes over?

f**ck the patriots!! yes i am tired of that and what they did to the chargers

Ask me a great question about the NFL, and get the 10 PTS!! So, can you ask me a question?

is anyone else sick of the fact that Raiders never get called for holding? are you kidding me. you just picked them cuz you hate them...

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