Any OU SOONER fans out there?

hey just wondering if any one knows anything about the new recruits for QB and RB to replace thompson and peterson where they from, and are they any good


Joe Theismann is out of Monday night, anyone else happy?

As for QB look for RS frosh. Sam Bradford(OK), Soph Joey Halzle(CA?) or true Frosh. Keith Nichol(MI). Nichol has more potential as a QB but is only a freshman, Joey has more experience, and Sam is pretty athletic himself. At RB look for a combination of (Sr.) Allen Patrick(SC),(RS-frosh) Demarco Murray(NV), (Soph)Chris Brown(LA), and (RS-frosh)Mossis Madu(OK). Patrick and Brown are "I" back types and Murray and Madu are both all purpose kinda backs that can get the ball in a variety of different ways. Look for Patrick to be the stud and get a bunch of yards, but look for Murray to produce the explosive plays that they play on Sports center. I'd go with Bradford, Patrick, and Murray. OU didn't add any new players at RB, and added only Keith Nichol this past recruiting season KN finished high school early and is enrolled in Oklahoma already so he could participate in the spring/summer practices and workouts. BOOMER SOONER!!

I am a dolphins fan, and i don't know what jersey to get.?

Nope, but there's a Longhorn right here that says you'll never beat Colt McCoy or Jamaal Charles. They'll both be 1st team Big-12 this year. McCoy stumbles under pressure? You call leading the Longhorns on the last drive for a game winning field goal against pressure stumbling??!! In fact, he didn't seem to stumble against ou, who we beat. He was injured the last few games, idiot.

How do I contact Nebr.Cornhusker fans living in Minnesota?

We all saw last year what Colt McCoy does under pressure... Stumble Stumble Stumble



Colt McCoy is soft and can't handle pressure situations plus he is in an inferior conference

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