American Football?

Okay I want to play american football nfl but were can i find a club in scotland that does it


One and done. Lombardi and why?

Use - that site should be able to point you in the direction of your nearest club. Good luck in your efforts.

Who win's the Matt Shaub trade?

dont be such a wimp & play rugby instead

Arizona Cardinal - 2007 Draft and Season Predictions?

Start one. Just get a football and start running around on the field with one.

Do you think the patriots are going to win the super bowl or not if not why?

This website should tell you everything you need to know. Good luck, I think its a great sport.

Steeler Fans- What team do you hate more than any other?

just come to the US..

Detroit Lions?


Are all white bulldogs prone to More health issues?

use the internet to find it

What is the term for a person being drafted for the NFL?

go over to the Americas where in both Canada and the US have football teams where u can walk on and then also u could go to a college and get ur degree and play football too

Does anybody know where Tom Brady.? has a list of all the different organisations at each level, including junior, adult and college.

Troy Smith & Drew Brees?

This american "football" is obviously very popular. It's got a whole one question in it's section. As above; play Rugby. Harder game!

Hands down who is the greatest Running Back of All Time!?

Well you have to come in America to learn that i guess.

What are the best deep threat WRs in the league ( R. Moss type players)?

Find a few people who are willing to play and you can play a modified set of rules. In the US it's very popular to play football in the parks. But we don't play football like you would see on TV. We generally will play with no pads or helmets and. Now if you have enough guys you play with an offensive and defensive line, but that will require 22 people. If you're willing to play with a quarterback (who can't run unless someone comes at him) and he throws every time its much easier.

Is Brady quinn the best football player ever?

Try this website for American Football.

Whom should the Atlanta Falcons pick with the # 10 pick ??

I hope you mean football football. As we play it with our feet. In that American game they only kick the ball about ten times in the whole game that goes on for 3+ hours even though they only actually play for 1 hour, and spend 2 hours doing nothing. Apart from the 10 or so kicks, the rest of the time they throw the ball. Not only that, but only one player in the whole team actually gets to kick the ball with his foot, yet they call it football. They should change the name to Toss Ball, or "Throw and Catch Ball with Occassional Kick." In the UK we have sussed that out, that's why it's so difficult to find a place in Scotland to play the game. It's very easy to find a place to play our proper football though. Obvious why.

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