Who's going to be on the cover of Madden 08?


Will Joe Horn help the Falcons?

Vince young

"STEELERS NATION" steelers fans what grade do you give the black&gold after the draft.?

For crying out loud, it will be Vince Young.

They announced it a while ago.

Did The Lions trade Calvin Johnson for Marshawn Lynch?

William Perry

Predictions: Troy Smith; Draft Day?

reggie bush

Who will be the top ncaa football player going into 08?

I am.

Who holds the record for the most regular season home games in a row?


Go on this website and V.Young is going to be on the cover and he is.
Trust me

Who is better?

Why don't you look it up.

Ooooooooooooh PANTHERS traded 14th pick what now?


Brian Urlacher because they need tom hype the games Defense. Of course that is a guess.

I wonder how many Vince Young's you get even though you mean the next one. (I think Madden runs a year early so this one is '08. I could be wrong.)

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