Aaron Brooks has some big ears! Does he get X.M. Radio on them things?

My goal in life is to slap the bi+ch @$$ white boy till he goes home cryin like a BABY BACK Bi+CH!


Who thinks texas atm is sucky?

Not XM, he has Direct TV, and I think he subscribes to the NFL Package, too .




Why was nfl schedule delayed?

Aaron Brooks is black..
or am I completely missing something here

Carr to Qakland=Bad move?

yeah dude your cool.

Who thinks that Larry Johnson will get traded to the Packers?

hes way better than you will ever be. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...

Whose is the best college running back ever?

No, but his barber has an extra handle for turning his head left and right.

10 best active starting QB's ?

stop watching "the longest yard" and think of your own sh!t.

Does Jamarcus Russell deserve an apology from Brady Quinn for dogging him out?

He is able to get both satellite t.v and radio with those ears. But of course Spock does get better reception with his pointy ears the Aaron.

Does anyone know were there is going to be a Dallas Cowboy draft party in SO CAL?

Wow your pathetic. You got all of those lines off of the new Longest Yard. Is there a question in there? Didn't think so...go watch Adam Sandler some more and try not to get excited like last time.

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