2007 nfl draft it seems like the raiders might not take jamarcus russell i have been looking at this closely?

due to the fact that they are really trying to offer moss away for basicly nothing, and they are searching for qb's around the league such as rattay, mccown etc... so my question is.. if russell is still there at #2 will the lions pull the trigger and get russell im a lions fan and i really want russell, and from what i have seen in the last few days im keep picking up on hints that the raiders will select cj 1st but nobody is really talking about if the lions like russell or what would happen if russel was there for detroit at #2 so please give me as many details as possible


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i think if russell were there then the lions would be left with three options: taking russell, taking brady quinn, or trading the pick to someone who wants one of those two...they sound like they are very willing to move down and want a lot of picks, so a team in need of a quarterback will be willing to deal with detroit...so if i had to make a prediction, i would say they will trade the pick and build up a lot of picks in later rounds

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I hope that the first three teams wont take CJ so the Bucs can grab him. If they do, im buying his jersey the very next day. I still think the Raiders will take Russel, even if they trade away moss. Cant have much of a with a all-star wide receiver but no QB. if Chad goes to the Raiders, he wont do as well as he would in Tampa

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If the Raiders don't take Russell, and instead draft CJ, then you would see Cleveland make a bid at jumping to #2 to grab Russell. That would leave the Lions open to take Quinn, Thomas or if Millen has his way, some no-name WR thats not even ranked in the top 2 million.

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Seems like they will, but they are notorious for not giving any hints, and making surprises at the last minute...

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Why get J. Russell, who may take up to three years to be a complete NFL QB, when you can use his value and pick up two or three quality receivers, running backs or a lower level qb, that can hit the ground running on opening day. Its not a reflection on Russell, he's the real deal, but its all about need and value and the Raiders need a lot.

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The Raiders will either take Calvin Johnson or do a trade with Tampa so they can take Calvin Johnson. Detroit will be able to choose between Brady Quinn, J. Russell, A. Peterson, J. Thomas, G. Adams or anyone else they want. The Raiders will "hope" that one of the two QB's falls to #4 but won't be bent up about it and take J. Thomas if they don't.

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I have to be honset that no matter who the Raiders get a QB they will do nothing with the line they have. They gave up a leauge high in sacks at 72 i think. An if they get Johnson he wont be happy cause he wont have anyone to throw him the ball its just like houston they traded Carr away an he was good when he wasnt on his back

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