40 Yard Dash Time?

If my 50 yard dash is 5.67 than what do you think I would run in a 40 yard dash? I'm a CB/S


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My guess is a 4.5 area. Because if you divide the time by the 10s of meters 5.67 / 50, so figure you lose some speed between 40 and 50 yards. 4.5 / 4 is close to the same fraction as 5.67 / 50.

Can u answer this?

Probably around 5.4 sec.

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I don't know exactly... not any faster than a five... you're kinda slow for a CB.

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I'm really betting on a 4.5 or 4.6, which is good, but, it ya want some advice, work on some more speed since you're a CB. CB's tend to have a 4.2, 4.3, and those 10ths of a seconds really matter in football, though you never said how tall you are, or how heavy you are or what age, so you may be doing pretty good for your size, or may to be doing better for your size. Do your typical leg workouts, squat, powerclean, calf raises, toe raises, and plyos. Do NOT work on Deadlift, the muscle you work in your legs gets bigger and tends to make you stronger...but slower. Hope this is good advice, and sorry if too much for such a small question. Good luck.

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well straigh math says you would run a 4.54 but i doubt that, i would say probably a 4.65-4.7

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prolly 5.20

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its hard to say what your 40 time be but did you know that you actualy speed up from a 40 to a 50 not slow down

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I think that its stupid to try to guess your time, because there is so much difference in a 4.4 and a 5.0. So tell me how your going to guess that.

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i played the same position as u & the time should be 4.3 to 4.6 depending on conditions

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boy your slow it would be about 4.0

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Why dont you time it and see? Just because someone on here says something doesnt mean anything.

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4.7 40 yrd dash

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