Which teams do you think are the most evenly matched?

Most evenly matched, not best.


My little brother wants to work out but my mom won't let him?

Bills vs. Jets
Both young teams, both build through the draft, both are coached by defensive coaches who are highly regarded in league circles. And they split last year. The biggest difference is that one is in a small market and is thus bashed because people love to hear other teams get roasted, and the other is worshipped because it's a big market team and most analysts are concerned about ratings, not facts.

Who do you think was the best short quarterback ever?

It depends. All division games are good matches. The Raiders always play their division tough even if they had the most losses. Same with other divisions. The Dolphins seem to have the Patriots number.

Football scoring names?

dolphins do not hav e the patriots number and the most evenly mathced teams are i think ravens and bears because of the great defense and average offense.

WHat is the best player in the nfl.?

Not sure this is what you're looking for, but the NFC West is easily the most evenly matched division in the NFL (San Francisco, Arizona, St Louis, Seattle). Any of those teams could win that divison next year.

Why will the Seahawks win the Superbowl in 2008?

I think Houston and Detroit they both suck but a game between them would be pretty even!

In NCAA 07 what number is Colt McCoy (Texas Quarterback)?

cleveland and detroit
atlanta and carolina
ariz and san fran
bufallo and washington
baltimore and cincinatti
indianapolis and new england
seattle and dallas
new orleans and san diego
houston and tampa bay
pittsburgh and st louis
jets and giants
minnesota and miami
jacksonville and green bay
chicago and philly
denver and kansas city

they all match up pretty well and have similar level of talent

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