Another madden curse?. Is Vince Young Doomed!?

Question:He is the new cover boy for Madden 08.

Let's Recap:

Eddie George had a fumble that cost the Titans a playoff game against the Ravens, since then he never was the same player.

Daunte Culpepper got injured and never was the same.

Marshall Faulk was also injured, and only played 10 games, this is after setting all kinds of records for total yards combine the year before.

Michael Vick got hurt in pre season, only played 5 games missing the playoffs.

Ray Lewis broke his wrist, had low statatistics, Ravens missed the playoffs.

Donovan McNabb had that fued with Terrell Owens, then suffered a Injury that kept him off the field, to this day he struggles with injuries.

Shaun Alexander broke his foot, missed alot of games, this is after posting great numbers the previous year.

Vince Young...??

Keep in mind, all this players had said that there's no such thing as curses. They haven't been the same players since


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Yes, i mean 2001-2007 THAT is not coincidence.

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All of those things could have happened to anybody, in fact it probably did happen to other players. It just made more news cause they were cover boys.

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nah...Vince Young was overrated to begin with.

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The history is compelling. Vince is a high risk player given his propensity to run with the football. I can't name a Tennessee receiver, so that means he is going to have plenty of situations when guys aren't open. The Titan running game is not weak, but Vince will have tot learn to use his teammates to carry the load. If he reverts to Longhorn tendencies, he will have a short career. The Madden Curse will continue unless Vince matures quickly.

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It could have happened to anyone but it didn't happen to alot of players. He is screwed and I am thankful for L.T. not being on the cover.

Detroit Lions?

have a reallly bad player on the cover.

Jeff Garcia_________ 2008

Or go back to how it used to be. Madden on the cover by himself.

Oh yeah, you forgot 2000 cover, with Barry sanders, and later Dorsey Levens , to read more, this is a link to a wikipedia page about it.

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yes he is doomed i think this time he'll tear his ACL or something like that i mean everybody on the madden cover got cursed what makes u think that vince won't get cursed

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no, because vince young is pretty young i mean im not saying all these guys are older but most of these guys hadnt gotten hurt in their careers and it was bound to happen (though the eddie george thing sucks). vince young will be the breaker of the curse though mike vick was hrt in preseason b4 anything really happened so hewas an iffy cursee

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oh man it is gonna suck for him
hell get injured and the titans will go down and get the 7th spot in the draft

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Poor fool VY has no idea that his career is over.

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As a Titans fan,I sure hope not. My biggest worry is that I don't feel like they acquired enough weapons to help him. He is too young to have to carry the team. He lost the best receivers from last year along with T Henry so I think the curse will be the last of our worries.

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I say he's out by week 3 with a season-ending knee injury. Put the orthopod on speed dial, Vince!!

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