2007 NFL Draft Day Top 5 picks?

Question:I think before the draft gets underway, the Dolphins will sign Trent Green and Dante Culpepper will be traded to Oakland for a number of first day draft choices.

1) Oakland - Calvin Johnson
2) Detroit - JaMarcus Russell
3) Cleveland - Brady Quinn
4) Tampa Bay - Joe Thomas
5) Minnesota(Trade w/ Arizona) - Adrian Peterson

What are your predictions??


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1) Oakland - JaMarcus Russel. They need someone to save the franchise and he can help them right away.

2) Detroit - Calvin Johnson. Other people think they will draft Gaines Adams but I do not believe it. Johnson will be too tempting for idiot Matt Millen to not draft.

3) Cleveland - Adrian Peterson. Need an impact player and they will probably give Charlie Frye one more year to develop.

4) Tampa Bay - Gaines Adams. With an aging defense a young and talented defensive player like Adams is a must have.

5) Arizona - Joe Thomas. Offensive line was Arizonas weakness last year and Thomas will help stabilize that unit immediatly.

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1.oakland-calvin johnson
2.detroit-Joe thomas
3.cleveland-Brady quinn
4.tampa bay-patrick willis
5.arizona-gains adams

NO jamarcus "plug show" russell

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#1 C. Johnson
#2 B. Quinn
#3 J. Thomas
#4 A. Peterson
#5 G. Adams

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1) Oakland - JaMarcus Russell
2) Detroit - Joe Thomas
3) Cleveland - Brady Quinn
4) Tampa Bay - Calvin Johnson
5) Arizona - Gaines Adams

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I don't know about your predictions. In no way is Culpepper worth a first day pick. If he was he would already be out of Miami, if anything he will be released. JaMarcus Russell gives me the feeling that he will be a bust. Brady Quinn would be destroyed behind the Browns current offensive line, they would be smart to take Joe Thomas when he is available. I think Tampa would take Gaines Adams instead of Thomas. Why in the world would Minnesota trade up two places just to take AP when in my opinion they already have a stud in Chester Taylor.

Anyway here are my top five predictions:
1. Oakland- Calvin Johnson
2. Detroit- JaMarcus Russell
3. Cleveland- Joe Thomas
4. Tampa Bay- Gaines Adams
5. Arizona- Amobi Okoye

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1. Oakland - JaMarcus Russell
2. Tampa Bay (Trade with Detroit) - Calvin
3. Cleveland - Adrian Peterson
4. Detroit - Gaines Adams
5. Arizona - Joe Thomas

First off, Culpepper is hardly worth a single first day choice. The Phins got him for a 2nd and he struggled last year, so he'd be worth a 3rd at best. Then Mike Martz has stated the Lions wont go QB. Cleveland's GMs and coaches will be fighting for their jobs next season, and usually a RB makes an impact before a QB. Minnesota has no need for a RB as they just signed their franchise RB, Chester Taylor, last year.

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1-JaMarcus Russell-Oakland- HE WILL NOT BUST. I think he will become the black Peyton Manning. Just because he can throw 90 or more yards and is mobile everybody does think he is accurate.

2 Calvin Johnson- Tampa Bay(from Detriot)- Will start immediatly over Michael Clayton( the most underated bust) and make a great pair with Joey Galloway who will tutor him and is much like him.

3-Brady Quinn- Clevlend Browns- HE WILL BUST. Can't throw it far and is not accurate also does not win big games and will cost Romeo Cremel his job.

4-Gain Adams- Detroit- Make alot of progress with this pick, get extra picks, and get thier man. Gaines Adam will be great player because you can get stronger, you can't make yourself more athletic. Gaines Adams is a plenty good athlete.

5-Joe Thomas- Arizona Cardinals- They get thier offensive lineman who will protect Matt Lienart and open holes for Edgerrin James. I think he will help the improving team get to the playoffs.

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Oakland - JaMarcus Russell
Detroit - Calvin Johnson
Cleveland - Brady Quinn
Tampa Bay - Trade Down
Arizona - Joe Thomas

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