So, what does it take to become a GM in the NFL?

Because as the way I see it right now, I could do a better job than a few of the GM's out there.


Is Darren McFadden the best RB and player in college football?

as important of a saying as you'll ever hear in your life:

-it's not what you know...but who you know.

Look at Millon and the Fords..they love the guy for some reason.therefore, he still has a job

What team is your early pick for Superbowl champs next year? What two teams will play?

Some type of sports experience or you know someone

What do you think about the New England Patriots getting Randy Moss?

In a word...


It takes money and time and connections in the business world.

What is the difference between a Halfback and a Fullback?

Money and a nice pair of knee pads.

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