Any chance of Ted Ginn. Jr falling to the #23?

Question:Holy $hit. It's no secret that the chiefs will probably go WR in round 1. Was watching this highlight real of Ginn, he is incredibly fast! We need a deep threat, I've seen a few mock drafts that list him at 23 to the Chiefs. Realistic?


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Not really. I've seen some "expert" mocks having him go in the top 10. That's not happening either but I say he's an 11-18 guy. I can see the Chiefs moving up, with the loss of Hall and the addition of a few more picks, to get him. I think that's part of the reason why they traded him. They needed more picks to package together to move up. Who knows what they'll do though. They only held a workout for Robert Meachum so it doesn't seem like they will take a WR at all. I still think they will though.

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i say the titans will get him.

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Its possible, I think part of the reason they made that deal getting rid of Hall was because the Rams were looking really hard at picking up Ginn. Thats one less team to worry about now, they wanted him because he could be a return man and reciever - they just filled the return man part. Personally I would rather have Dwayne Bowe or Robert Meacham than Ginn, though. Both those guys are fast, but they're also bigger and can go up high and bring the ball back Chad Johnson style. Any of those 3 are going to vastly improve the recieving corps, assuming they don't turn out to be another Snoop Minnis.


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O Ya the chiefs will steal them hell b there for the chiefs

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From what I have heard, there are some concerns as to Ginn's durability and the lack of precision in his route-running. Falling as far as 23rd overall is realistic, suggesting that he may fall out of the first round is not.

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I am a diehard OSU fan and your right he has great open field speed, but the thing that gets people is his amazing acceleration. This years draft he is a real toughy to put somewhere. It basically depends on which team loses the player that they originally wanted and then decide that Ted Ginn Jr. is the best one out there for them. I think it is possible for him to go anywhere from #7 all the way down to as you said, the Chiefs.

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I think there is a slight possibility of Ted Ginn Jr. dropping to the #23 spot. It's also possible that he may be taken as high as #13 to the Rams. I think the Rams may be interested in Ginn because Isaac Bruce is getting old. They need a young playmaker at the receiver position who can fine-tune his game in the last few years that Isaac Bruce has with the Rams. But if the Rams don't take Ted Ginn Jr, then there is a high possibility that he'll drop down to #22 to the Cowboys or #23 to the Chiefs because not many teams have WR needs.

Just for you and everyone else to know, Ginn has been timed at as fast as a 4.28 in the 40-yard dash so there's no reason anyone should say he isn't fast.

A friend of mine...?

we need him but we also need help in a lot of pos to

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I guess it can happen. I, honestly, don't think that it will happen, but the draft is nearly unpredictable, so you never know!

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I don't see Ginn slipping all the way to 23rd, too many teams see a lot of potential in him. I think he may be overrated as a first round pick. He is too small to be an effective as an everyday wide receiver and that makes him strictly a return man and I think the value of returnmen is exagerrated in the NFL.

After the first day of the nfl draft?

he mite be there, he could run back some punts for us and he's a deep threat too, we could definitely use his speed


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