Am i doing the right thing by playing ball next year?

Question:These past two years in football have been my most challenging. Lots of injuries to my spine and nerves but long story short i have degeneritive arthritis in my neck...

ive loved football since fourth grade and with my freshman year in college coming up, i wonder if i should continue playing.
i hope to coach one day and the chance to play even two more years is what i want

is it right for me to sacrifice my body for a game i've loved since fourth grade and hope to continue?


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Yes that is the point of football. These people in the NFL sacrifice their body every day to play the game they love. My dad played college football he sacrificed his body and seriously hurt his foot, now sometimes when he hurts it he has ti walk on crutches. I ask him all the time was it worth it and he says the same answer every time "YES." If you reallly love football then you know the answer.

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I think you should go see a doctor and get his/her advice. Then ask yourself if you think that it's really worth sacrificing your body. Maybe you won't like the game in two years and your body will be ruined. Then you'll think it was stupid to keep playing. So you should really consider how much playing is worth to you.

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My sophmore year I blew out my knee... tore my ACL, and MCL. The doctor told me i was never supposed to play football again, which i didnt.

Football was my life... i had a number of small colleges looking at me and was sure to get some bigger name colleges by the time i was a senior, but i didn't play and i regret everyday.

But at the same time i had to be realistic. I wasnt getting paid big money to play and possibly face getting an artificial knee in me by the time i graduated HS. If i was in the pros that would be one thing. But i was in HS and had many years ahead of me, plus not to mention the fact that i would have a family in the future to think about... if i had an artificial knee right now, i wouldnt be able to go out and teach my son about football and play with him.

You can coach and not play HS football... i am a coach at a local HS right now. Show that desire to coach and you can do it. but it's not worth going out and doing something that would effect you for the rest of your life. trust me... this is coming from a guy who's only passion was football and i was in the same boat you were buddy

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Do what's right for you. I am a senior in high school, and I regret not for trying-out for football in my freshman year. This is the biggest regret of my life so far. If you can get advice from any doctors, coaches, other players, and or gym teachers.

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