Any ohio state buckeyes fans out there?

go bucks


Who else enjoyed Peyton Manning's preformance on Saturday Night Live?


America's (NEW) Football Team! VOTE on who you think should be or who your favorite NFL team is?


Did Charlie Weis ever play football, or any sport for that matter, prior to coaching?


Who likes Texas Tech?!?!?!?!?!?


How schoked were you when the dolphins took ted ginn jr. w/the #9 pick?

heck yea! just graduated from there in December!


Packers fans.?


Who thinks Jake plummer will kick but this year.?

Hang on Sloopy.OH--IO

Jesus hates Michigan too

Any Possible Scenario of Falcons trading Vick?

OSwho how bout them GATORS!

Does anyone think it is possible that the Falcons (at pick 8) can get Ted Ginn Jr.?

no i despise them cuz i am a wolverines fan,a michigan boy. just today i despised a guy from buying beer cuz he was wearing an ohio state buckeyes sweater. i said 2 him i hope u have 1 of 3 good reasons that u r wearing it but if not your r just wearing it for no reason and that you live in michigan take it off. nothing against you but look out for michigan next season we will be there. mark my words. u of m rules

What position would you put me on highschool football team?

They have all vanished in Glendale, Az never to be founded. Oh My Ohio

Minnesota Vikings - Who Are They Gonna Draft... GUESS?

woo! hoo! boston buckeye here! :-)

Do the green bay packers want to draft a rb or wr this year?

Oregon Ducks rule
buckeyes drool

Race for the NFC North who will win?

No, Go Gators!

Can the Cowboys actually beat the Eagles this season?


Question for NFL?

Yes, but they are to busy wringing out their crying towels to answer you now.

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